Summer break is just around the corner! Children will be off from school and away from learning in the classroom, but the learning doesn't stop. Children can still enjoy fun activities with their parents over the summer break to ensure a smooth transition from kindergarten or preschool to primary school and also improve and enhance their gross and fine motor skills. Join us for an online webinar hosted by our experienced school counselor, Ms. Mia Nortje that will give parents a variety of practical tips that discusses the preparation beyond the ABC's and 123's and ways to help children boost their confidence and communication skills.

Date: Jun 9 (Tue), 2020

Time: 1-2 pm

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Mia Nortje

School Counselor

Mia Nortje

Mia has over 15 years of international teaching experience in South Africa, Botswana, and Mauritius. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, an Honor’s degree in Educational Psychology and is close to completing her Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. Mia has a background of extensive international experience as a Teacher, Lecturer, Student Support educator, Coordinator, and Psychologist.