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January 11, 2023

Delivering a Truly International Bilingual Program

As the world becomes even more globalized, bilingual programs have become increasingly for parents in international schools in Hong Kong. Stamford American School Hong Kong offers an English/Mandarin bilingual program for Pre-primary (K3) to Grade 5 students. The unique bilingual program at Stamford provides subject-based English and Mandarin learning and a daily block of Mandarin instruction leveled by grade and proficiency level. Multiple language levels per grade allow students of varying proficiencies to achieve the highest level of language learning possible and deliver a truly personalized learning experience accessible to a wide range of Mandarin speakers.

Simplified Characters, Deep Topic-Based Learning

The curriculum for the Stamford bilingual program originated at Stamford American International School Singapore, where Mandarin is taught using simplified Chinese characters. As international schools in Hong Kong attract students from various cultures, simplified characters make the program more accessible to a broader range of students of varying proficiencies. Teachers can go deeper into content learning by saving time on character memorization. Students dedicate additional time to learning history, different forms of writing, culture, and exciting projects. Students who move from local Hong Kong schools can transition to simplified characters supported by caring faculty while benefiting from various cultures and learning styles in their classrooms.

Inquiry-Based Learning

International schools in Hong Kong are popular with parents for delivering a more hands-on, inquiry-based approach. The bilingual program at Stamford is no exception, as it offers students a genuinely international teaching and learning experience at an internationally recognized IB school. The bilingual stream follows the same curriculum as the mainstream classes while developing proficiency and vocabulary across core subject areas. Students can express themselves in science, math, and humanities taught from a global perspective. A unique benefit at Stamford is bilingual STEM education, where students learn design thinking and in-demand skills such as coding. The critical thinking, collaboration, and presentation skills gained in both languages by the STEMinn program deliver a clear advantage over their monolingual peers.

Character Development
As Students enter middle school (Grade 6), they will have a strong foundation in Chinese and English with the IB skills and attributes that prepare them for the real world. They will continue their daily Mandarin lessons until graduation with the option of pursuing a bilingual IB Diploma. 

To learn more about the bilingual program or the daily world language programs at Stamford American School Hong Kong, explore our curriculum page or book a tour today!