Arts at Stamford: Nurturing Creativity, Self-Expression and Confidence

As an IB World School, ensuring students receive a broad and balanced education is in our DNA. Nurturing creativity, self-expression, and confidence in the arts (visual, performing, and music) is a core element for all students at Stamford.

Stamford offers a broad, innovative, and balanced visual and performing arts program, which incorporates the framework and assessments of the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum. Students explore drama, music, and visual arts classes each week. The arts program allows students to explore a variety of genres, techniques, historical greats and develop their own original works.

For musically inclined students, private instrument lessons are available on campus by expert instructors. Our art programs foster creativity, self-expression, and confidence, enabling our students to succeed at Stamford and beyond graduation.

We offer over 50 CCA options including 2 full-scale musical performances per year.

Our campus is fully-equipped with:

  • modern art rooms
  • large-scale art studios
  • music rooms
  • private instrument practice spaces
  • on-site kiln
  • drama room
  • large-scale production space


Through-train Art Education

Pre-Primary to grade 8: Weekly drama, music, and art classes equip students with theoretical knowledge in these subjects and presentation and execution skills. Students will learn a variety of genres and create innovative works of their own.

Grades 9 and 10: Students choose two areas of focus in the arts based on interest and have the exciting opportunity to work alongside experienced artists in the Cornerstones Program.

Grades 11 and 12: We offer three International Baccalaureate Diploma pathways in theater, music, and visual arts, all rigorous preparations to excel in their futures as a writer, designer, director, performer, or any career of your child's choosing.  


Student Spotlight:

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What opportunities do students have to perform?

Our students’ passionate work and practice culminate in various performances, exciting art exhibitions, musical ensembles, as well as two full-scale theater productions a year. These include dedicated Elementary and Secondary productions, as well as whole school performances.