What arts courses does Stamford offer?

To help nurture young and aspiring musicians, artists and actors, we offer a broad, innovative, and balanced visual and performing arts program, which incorporates the framework and assessments of the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum. Students take drama, music and visual arts classes each week and also have the option of further pursuing artistic passions in our CCA programs. For students who are musically inclined, private instrument lessons are available on campus my expert instructors. Creativity, self-expression, and confidence are traits which are useful not only in the classroom but in everything our students do at school and beyond the campus. 

When do students begin classes in the arts?

Weekly drama, music and art classes begin at age 5 and continue through to Grade 10, equipping students with the theoretical knowledge in these subjects as well as presentation and execution skills. Further to this, we seek to offer 3 International Baccalaureate Diploma pathways in Theater, Music and Visual Arts, all rigorous preparations to excel in their futures as a writer, designer, director, performer or any career of your child’s choosing.  

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What opportunities do students have to perform?

Our students’ passionate work and practice culminate in various performances, exciting art exhibitions, musical ensembles, as well as two full-scale theater productions a year. These include dedicated Elementary and Secondary productions, as well as whole school performances.