STEMinn - STEM Education Program in Hong Kong

Today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow. The STEMinn education program at Stamford American School, Hong Kong prepares students to excel in an ever-changing world.

Unique to Stamford American School, the STEMinn education program combines science, technology, engineering, and math and focuses on innovation to elevate students in Hong Kong into innovators ready to tackle global issues. At its core, students build a strong understanding of all areas of science and technology while learning how to design and engineer with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The STEMinn program is fully embedded in our curriculum, so innovation is in the DNA of a Stamford education based on our Hong Kong Campus. Through various units and hands-on projects, students gain in-demand skills such as leadership, complex problem-solving, and analytical thinking to drive success in any field.

Elementary STEMinn Program (Pre-Primary to Grade 5)

In this elementary STEMinn program in Hong Kong, students explore four areas of science: life science, earth, and space science, physical science, and ETS (Engineering, Technology, and the Application of Science.) They learn the fundamentals of engineering by engaging in hands-on learning activities while drawing upon various subjects such as math, social studies, and the arts. The STEMinn program uses various cutting-edge technological learning tools in Hong Kong and provides students with design thinking education to bring their innovative ideas to life. The importance of using technology and innovation for purpose is reinforced throughout this process as the different tools seamlessly support learning outcomes across the curriculum.

Stamford Elementary STEMinn

Secondary STEMinn Program (Grade 6-Grade 12)

In the secondary STEMinn program, Hong Kong students build on the core foundational skills across the STEMinn domains, take their designs and innovations to the next level and proceed to learn more advanced technologies in the future. Students explore topics including advanced coding, user experience design, and product design and modeling. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals play an integral role in shaping the design and engineering outcomes to drive innovation that focuses on sustainability and solving global challenges. The STEMinn program builds a strong portfolio of innovative projects and in-demand skills to shape graduates in Hong Kong attractive to universities and equipped to achieve beyond graduation.

In grades 11 and 12, Stamford offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme pathway in Design Technology and the “Computer Science” Stamford course for our innovators to pursue their passion in engineering and technology.


See our Inspiring STEM Innovators

Shaping the Future

The Story of our G10 Students

Two exceptional Grade 10 students, Beny and Cedric, have demonstrated their dedication and achieved remarkable success through their innovative projects. 

G10 Students_STEMinn


Watch video: Pioneering STEMinn with a Self-Made Drone

Meet Trevor, an 11th-grade student who joined Stamford School in 2017. Trevor has completed an impressive project for his sophomore year that showcases his great interest in STEMinn (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation). Join us to learn more about Trevor’s remarkable journey.



Why STEMinn?

In 2020, the World Economic Forum published data on the most in-demand skills that demonstrated a need for technological literacy and higher-order thinking skills. The STEMinn program at Stamford builds these core skills at every grade level in Hong Kong using age-appropriate technology and integrating the core units of students. Hands-on and project-based, the students must collaborate, problem-solve, and display resilience as they work to achieve challenging and exciting outcomes.

In addition to the core units, STEMinn program’s students are stretched each year by two innovation-focused project weeks: “Mission Inspire” and “Sustainable Stamford” in Hong Kong. Students from Pre-primary to Grade 12 focus on a school-wide theme to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration that builds a community of STEM innovators in Hong Kong across grade levels with top-level education.

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