Outdoor Education

Holistic Outdoor Education

Students in Pre-Primary to Grade 2 participate in our outdoor education program excursions each semester. These half-day excursions include visits to local ecological parks, beaches, and mountain trails where students learn a deeper appreciation for nature as well as participate in a variety of planned activities such as science scavenger hunts, wildlife/nature cataloging and interactive games. This program challenges children outside of the classroom and develops the foundational skills for the overnight Outdoor Education Camps.

All of our outdoor excursions are subject to an in-depth health a safety audit prior to departure including an extensive background check and training of all parter providers. First-aid certified staff accompany students on every trip.

Outdoor Education Camps: Locally and Internationally

Outdoor education is a core part of the Stamford curriculum allowing students to access a wide range of experiences to foster leadership skills outside the classroom. From Grade 3, students will have overnight excursions locally with international options from Grade 9+. 

Students will experience a range of activities locally such as hiking, water sports, rock-climbing and more. During camp, students will learn a variety of skills such as preparing meals and care for the camp site, working both individually and in teams.

Internationally, students will explore a variety of sports or culturally based activities based on the camp options.

When students immerse themselves in new experiences outside their comfort zone, they build independence and deeper connection to teachers and classmates. Students return from each trip demonstrating significant growth in confidence, independence, and social-emotional skills.

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