Middle School Grade 6 - 8

IB World School

Stamford American School Hong Kong is a through-train IB World School that offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). All graduates will receive the Stamford American US High School Diploma accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), providing your child with a global passport to universities. Children can also pursue the full IBDP or select curated IB courses to broaden their horizons, as over 5,000 universities accept the IBDP in 100 countries.

Middle School: Nurturing Academic and Whole Child Growth

The Middle School program (Grades 6-8) builds upon the solid academic and learning skills foundation developed in elementary school. Students are stretched with enhanced rigor and dedicated specialists courses to prepare them for the choices and challenges of High School. Students study a wide range of subjects, including integrated sciences, math, drama, music, visual art, physical & health education, humanities, English, STEMinn, and daily Spanish or Mandarin, all taught by experienced international experts. Students continue a weekly lesson in social-emotional skills to navigate the challenges in the critical transitional years of middle school and a solid foundation in academics and life skills. Our middle school curriculum continues to embed the IB Learner Profile, Approaches to Learning, and global citizenship in all units of study To foster well-rounded learners who are creative, collaborative, and resilient.

A Stamford Middle School education provides:

Middle School (G6 - G8)

Critical Transition Years

Middle School is a critical transition period in a child’s life that fosters skills to empower successful adults. Students move away from the homeroom teacher model and gain independence and enhanced rigor through instruction by subject specialists for every class. In addition to guidance from expert faculty in content areas, teachers will focus on the IB Approaches to Learning to build research, reflection, language, and social and communication skills to be effective learners and foster success in the high school years and beyond.

SHK Approaches to learning

American Standards: Building A Strong Academic Foundation for Global College Destinations

The foundation of the Stamford curriculum is the proven American Education Reaches Out and Common Core Plus standards. The adoption of grade-level standards ensures that students have the skills and concepts in each subject to be ready for success in the next grade level. Ultimately, students are better-ready for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and universities and colleges globally. A particular focus on math, literacy, and sciences helps set this curriculum apart from other through-train IB schools. At Stamford, students learn through an engaging inquiry-based approach that promotes hands-on learning and how to apply their knowledge across multiple subjects. Using the curriculum standards as a framework allows teachers to accelerate and personalize instruction to maximize student growth. Ongoing assessments throughout the year ensure students stay on track for successful graduation.

Future Ready Education

Stamford is the only school to offer an integrated STEMinn program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Innovation) that encompasses all the approaches to learning in a comprehensive program.

Students will also embark on several opportunities to develop their portfolio through leadership opportunities in the community, outdoor education, unique culminating projects, CCA (after school programs), and competitions.

The unique broad range of courses in Middle School and personalized guidance by expert faculty in our caring community prepare students both academically and mentally for the challenges of High School and set them on a path for success.


From grade 6-7 the average reading growth was 20% higher than the global average

In Grades 6-8 Stamford students exceeded math, literacy and science targets by 16%


Grade 7 Parent

My child is happy going to Stamford and as parents we like the teaching methodology and philosophy.

Grade 7 Parent

We feel that the school staffs cares a lot for their students.

Grade 9 Parent

Stamford has friendly and admirable teachers and staff. The curriculum is challenging and activities are engaging.

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