Modern Language Programs

Daily Leveled Instruction

As an IB world school, we value languages to foster global citizens with a world of opportunity. Chinese and Spanish are two of the most widely spoken languages globally. We offer these two languages as an integral part of our daily core curriculum from age five until graduation as part of our international curriculum. Students receive 40 minutes of daily instructions leveled by age and proficiency to achieve their For additional recognition, they can also receive a bilingual IB diploma.

We employ over 13 native-speaking modern language expert faculty to support a combined 48 levels of Mandarin and Spanish, ensuring that students have personalized language support. In elementary (Pre-primary to Grade 5), we also offer a bilingual (English/Mandarin) stream.

As we build internationally minded students, our comprehensive language program explores the core language components. It develops a rich understanding of the culture and history to give richer meaning to the language.

Our comprehensive language curriculum fosters:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing (simple construction to complex essays)
  • Cultural understanding and history
  • Presentation skills and confidence!

How are the classes structured?

Students receive forty minutes of language instruction each day, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition to the core language skills, students will explore topics related to inquiry units in their homeroom classes. To gain a deeper understanding of the language, they learn more about the culture through various research projects and develop confidence through presentations.

Do all classes study at the same level?

We use a personalized learning approach at Stamford in all our subject areas. Upon enrollment, each student’s Mandarin or Spanish proficiency is assessed. Language classes are grouped by grade level and ability. As students reach greater mastery, they progress to higher-level classes to continually challenge and attain the highest proficiency possible.

What if my child wants to study another language?

In high school students can pursue additional languages with a self-study approach supported by faculty. This is for students who may already speak additional languages and wish to gain course credit or additional diploma recognition.

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