Curriculum Overview | Stamford’s International Curriculum

Stamford Hong Kong uses an American standards-based curriculum established by the rigorous and proven American Education Reaches Out (AERO) and Common Core Plus standards. The curriculum is built for schools in Hong Kong and worldwide to help students to develop a strong foundation in the core subjects such as language, the arts, math, humanities, and science with the American style of education. As a school delivering an international curriculum in Hong Kong, we offer an American curriculum using an inquiry-based approach across themes. We nurture every child through personalized learning to foster curiosity, independent thinking, and confidence. Our HK programs culminate with three diploma options, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for high school students.

What are the core elements of our international curriculum?

In addition to our adopted American standards, we have incorporated several elements into our international school curriculum that focus on developing the whole child. These elements include global citizenship, approaches to learning, international mindedness, service learning, building character, and social-emotional skills. They are crucial to fostering successful individuals who achieve academic success and master skills to cope with real-world challenges. As life outside the classroom requires students to work across a broad range of skills and subject areas when solving problems, we use a cross-curricular approach to allow students to combine multiple skills and areas of knowledge. Hands-on project-based learning engages learners and provides skill application rather than testing content memory.

For elementary students (Pre-primary to Grade 5), we help them build a strong foundation of skills and academics through the IB Learner Profile and an American standards-based curriculum. We understand that a successful elementary education should also nurture curious and confident learners who are not afraid to explore and take risks. We also provide weekly lessons in the Second Step Program,  and focus on outdoor education to develop essential life skills for our young learners.

For our middle school curriculum (Grades 6-8), we build upon the solid foundation developed in elementary school and challenge them with rigor and dedicated specialist courses to prepare them for the choices and challenges of an international high school curriculum. During this critical transition period in a child’s life, we use the characteristics in the (IB) approaches to learning to build research, reflection, language, and social and communication skills to succeed in the journey ahead.

As a leading IB school in Hong Kong offering an international curriculum, our high school programs (Grades 9-12)  provide a broad range of IB programme courses for our high school students in a holistic and balanced curriculum. Students study and explore a range of specialist subjects, including Modern Language (Mandarin or Spanish), visual arts, drama, music, and physical and health education, providing excellent preparation for our three graduation options, including the IB diploma. Unique to Stamford, our pioneering STEMinn Program nurtures students with the technology skills needed to excel in the careers of the digital era. Our students will gain hands-on experience working with industry professionals in exchange for course credit in our Cornerstones Program in the international high school curriculum.

We pride ourselves on how our students have exceeded their growth targets by up to 25%* through quality education while being happy and eager to come to school. How do we know this? In a recent survey of parents, 60% said the top reason for them to reenroll at Stamford was that their child was happy. Our student’s achievements are no surprise, as we know happy children can accomplish more. The Social-Emotional Programs used at Stamford are proven to achieve an 11% academic gain for students**.

*Based on Measures of Academic Progress Scores at Stamford from 2017-2021


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