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Appointment of Head of School

Hong Kong – Sept 15, 2022

Stamford is delighted to announce that, after an extensive international recruitment process, Mr. Marco Longmore has been appointed as the new Head of School for Stamford American School Hong Kong, succeeding the founding Head of School, Ms. Karrie Dietz. This will take effect in January 2023.

Mr. Longmore brings about 17 years of headship and senior-level leadership to Stamford, including within top international schools across the UK, Asia, and the Middle East. Twice he served as a Founding Head to set up new schools in Dubai and China.

Announcing the news to the Stamford community, Eric van den Berg, Chief Executive Officer of Cognita Asia, remarked, “Marco impressed the search committee with his thorough understanding of all areas of school life and his intricate cultural knowledge of Hong Kong and the international school environment. We are confident that Marco will bring Stamford Hong Kong forward on a continued path of development and growth, encapsulating both his experience and the great foundations of the school.”

Mr. Longmore shares excitement about his appointment. He remarked, “It is truly an honor to join the Stamford American School community here in Hong Kong. I look forward to meeting with all students, staff, and parents in the months ahead. Together, we will build on the tremendous success seen in past years and look to the many achievements to come”.


香港 – 2022 年 9 月 15 日


Stamford American School Hong Kong 欣然宣布,經過全球招聘程序和嚴格遴選後,現正式委任Marco Longmore 先生為本校總校長。Marco Longmore 先生將於2023 年 1 月起接替創校總校長 Karrie Dietz 女士,成為Stamford第二任總校長。

Marco Longmore 先生擁有近17年豐富的領導經驗,曾帶領英國、亞洲及中東等地多間頂尖國際學校,當中更兩度參與新校創建,於杜拜和中國內地成立學校。

Cognita Asia 首席執行官 Eric van den Berg 宣布該消息時表示:「Marco 對學校各領域都相當熟悉,並對香港的獨特文化和國際學校生態有透徹了解,讓遴選委員會留下深刻的印象。我深信Marco 將領導 Stamford 向前邁進,共創未來。」

Marco Longmore 先生表示:「我對獲任命為 Stamford Hong Kong 總校長感到十分榮幸,亦非常期待在未來數月與學生、教職員工和家長會面,正式成為 Stamford 大家庭的一員。讓我們攜手合作,在本校穩固扎實的成功基礎上邁步向前,迎接輝煌的未來。」

MLO_Head of School

Latest Class Arrangement

Hong Kong – Aug 26, 2022

Stamford American School resumes online learning for Grade 6-12 secondary students from August 29 (Monday) to September 2 (Friday). The elementary division remains largely unaffected and will continue in-person learning.

As COVID-19 cases have risen across Hong Kong, we appreciate the vigilance of our families in testing and reporting to protect the wider community. We look forward to welcoming our Secondary students back on campus on September 5 (Monday), and appreciate the support of our community and the dedication of our teachers in providing an innovative learning experience during this brief pivot back to online learning.


香港 – 2022年8月26日




Stamford Receives WASC Accreditation

Hong Kong – Aug 1, 2022
Stamford achieved another significant accomplishment this July, full Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation. The accreditation offered by WASC is globally renowned and recognized by top universities. More importantly, the independent audit process evaluates a school’s ability to deliver high-quality student learning while seeking ongoing school improvement.

The addition of WASC increases Stamford’s global accreditations to three. Stamford first achieved accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS) in 2020 and added the International Baccalaureate World School (IB) authorization in 2021.

The WASC accreditation process includes an independent commission of educational experts evaluating multiple teaching, learning, and operations areas. The in-depth process ensures the integrity of the curriculum standard and allows the school to reflect and grow with the needs of its students.

Stamford is proud to attain WASC accreditation which strengthens an embedded culture of continuous improvement to deliver exceptional student learning practices that prioritize well-being. The ongoing partnership with WASC connects Stamford to expert educators globally to share best practices as education evolves.


Stamford 獲頒 Western Association of Schools and Colleges 全面認證

香港 – 2022年8月1日

今年 7 月,Stamford American School Hong Kong 創下另一發展里程碑,獲得了國際教育機構 Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) 的全面認證。 WASC 的學校認證享譽全球,獲世界頂尖大學認可。其獨立審計過程着重評估學校提供高質素學與教的同時,能否不斷尋求學校改進。

WASC 的全球認證是 Stamford 所獲取的第三個國際教育機構認證。Stamford 於 2020 年首次獲得 Council of International Schools (CIS) 的認證,並於 2021 年增加了國際文憑世界學校 (IB) 的授權。

WASC 認證過程全面,由獨立教育專家委員會評鑑學與教、學校管理及營運等領域。深入的認證過程能確保考察全面及公正,同時助學校按學生的需要檢視學校發展,力求進步。

Stamford 能夠獲得 WASC 認證,深感自豪。這認證將鞏固學校力求進步的文化,勉勵學校上下繼續以學生福祉為先,提供卓越學習機會。教育趨勢日新月異,Stamford 會借 WASC 的聯繫,與全球教育專家交流、合作、分享,一同推動進步。

Stamford American School Hong Kong Sale and Leaseback Arrangement

Hong Kong – July 5, 2022

After listing the Stamford American Hong Kong School premises for sale with Colliers, Stamford is pleased to enter into a sale and leaseback agreement with RLC (PORTLAND COMMERCIAL) LIMITED. The campus has been solely licensed for education since 2017, with the new lease agreement currently set for 25 years. Cognita continues to operate the school fully, and the arrangement will not impact operations.

The Cognita Schools group purchased the building in 2016 to fully renovate the premises to meet their world-class health and safety standards while ensuring community voice. The facility expanded its footprint by 50% after the school opened in 2017. The expansion included a library incorporating student design elements, IB-ready science labs, art studios, and three outdoor spaces.  

Cognita currently operates 91 schools in 12 countries with the primary focus of providing the highest quality teaching and learning in every school. The successful campus completion signaled the transition to traditional school operations in Hong Kong, where land is leased rather than owned to allow Cognita to continue to invest in education in Hong Kong and globally. A focus on growth is evident as Stamford reaches milestones such as its first graduating class in 2023, the ongoing expansion of the Cornerstones Program, which provides real-life industry experience for high school students, and multiple professional accreditations such as IBDP authorization.

Cognita sits under the umbrella of Jacobs Holding AG, whose sole beneficiary is Jacob’s Foundation, a leading charitable foundation focusing on the future of young people through multiple programs and initiatives. With a solid commitment to investing in young people, Stamford achieved a successful first five years in Hong Kong and continues to innovate with an ongoing commitment to excellence and feedback from its close-knit, caring community.



Stamford American School Hong Kong 原址地皮項目售後租回安排

香港- 2022年7月5日

Stamford American School Hong Kong(下稱Stamford)早前委托高力國際代理出售何文田校舍地皮,現在欣然公布校方與RLC (PORTLAND COMMERCIAL) LIMITED已達成售後租回協議。Stamford原址自2017年起已取得學校牌照,只作教育用途,是次項目成交後Stamford將租用原址地皮繼續辦學,租約期現為25年。Cognita將繼續作為Stamford American School Hong Kong的全資擁有者及營運機構,而該土地買賣協議將不會影響學校運作。


Cognita教育集團現時於全球12個國家經營91間學校,並為每間學校提供高質素教學資源。Stamford校舍地皮出售後,學校將按售後租回協議租用原址繼續營運,而Cognita集團將繼續於香港乃至全球發展教育項目。學校即將邁入創校第六年,並於2023年迎來首屆畢業生,近年學校加強發展Cornerstones Program,為中學生提供多元化的行業體驗機會,學校亦已獲得多項專業教育認證,如正式成為IB文憑課程的教學機構。

Cognita隸屬Jacobs Holding AG,慈善基金會Jacob’s Foundation為其獨立受益機構,基金會多年來透過不同項目幫助年輕一代建立更美好未來。Stamford本着同一宗旨,堅持把優質資源投放於培育下一代,創下成功的首個五年里程碑,並承諾創新教學,聆聽社群的聲音,繼續為學生提供更優質的教育。

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