Tuition & Other Fees

Tuition Fees for 2023-2024

Pre-Primary – Grade 5 $98,900 $98,900 $19,780 $197,800
Grade 6 – Grade 8 $108,600 $108,600 $21,720 $217,200
Grade 9 – Grade 10 $110,800 $110,800 $22,160 $221,600
Grade 11 – Grade 12 $119,400 $119,400 $23,880 $238,800
Elementary students

Billing Schedule

Invoice Date

    Semester 1: May

    Semester 2: October

A 10-month installment plan is available using a direct debit form per family for ALL enrolled children

For other payment options, please contact our Finance team at

Please note the following:

  1. All charges are expressed in Hong Kong Dollars (HK$). These fees are payable per student. School fees include all textbooks, workbooks and yearbooks.
  2. These fees do not include additional resources such as field studies, transportation, school meals and other fees that may be incurred in the school year.
  3. These fees do not cover additional external courses or exams such as for Virtual High School (VHS), or for IBDP, ACT, SAT and AP exams, which are charged directly by their respective organizations.
  4. Additional charges may apply including EAL and learning support which will be assessed on an individual basis.
  5. Replacement of lost or damaged devices, textbooks, workbooks, library books, and other school resources will need to be refunded by the student/family prior to the distribution of additional resources.
  6. Tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Stamford Outdoor education

Other Fees

Other education related costs on top of tuition may include but are not limited to: compulsory school uniforms, some field trips and student activities, lunches (optional), school bus (optional), yearbook (optional), school photos (optional).

Capital Levy

  • Capital Levy (Option A) – One Time Fee 2023/2024

$150,000 Valid for the student’s duration at Stamford, payable within 7 calendar days from date of offer. The Capital Levy is mandatory for children who are admitted to Stamford without a debenture.

  • Capital Levy (Option B) – Annual Fee 2023/2024

$30,000 Valid for the 2023/2024 academic year, payable upon acceptance. The Capital Levy is mandatory for children who are admitted to Stamford without a debenture.

Discounts and Scholarships


Capital Levy Fee: 50% discount for enrollment of a third child from the same family and a full waiver of the Capital Levy Fee for a fourth child and beyond.

(Discounts are applied from the oldest to the youngest. For example, if there are three children in the family, the youngest child will receive the discount.)


Scholarships are available for enrolled and applying high school students based on excellence in the arts, STEM, athletics and academics. For full details visit our scholarship page.

A limited number of Entrance Scholarships are available to external students enrolling at Stamford for the first time. The Entrance Scholarship aims to support a wide diversity of students and talents. Recipients of Entrance Scholarships are notified at the time of admission offer. All new applications are automatically eligible to be considered for an Entrance Scholarship and are not required to submit an additional application.


The holder of a debenture obtains priority in admissions, subject to Stamford’s eligibility requirements. Corporate Debentures (Platinum, Standard Plus and Standard) confer the highest priority in admissions, followed by Individual Debentures.

Debenture holders also receive priority in admissions if they seek to transfer to another school in the Cognita family of schools in Asia during the life of the debenture.

All children who are nominated by a debenture are exempt from the mandatory capital levy.

For non-corporate applicants:

Individual Debenture $500,000 HKD

  1. Valid for the nomination of one child for priority admission
  2. Valid for 8 consecutive academic years from enrollment
  3. If the nominated child fails to meet our eligibility requirements, the full amount is refundable
  4. After the debenture expires, if students are still at Stamford, you are required to either have a debenture or pay a capital levy
  5. The debenture is refundable at a reduced value that depends on the academic year in which a child leaves the school. The refunded debenture value will be reduced by any outstanding fees payable to the school.

Stamford issues a very limited number of optional debentures for corporate employers. There are three types of corporate debentures in the below priority order:

  • Platinum Corporate Debenture: HK$5,000,000
  • Standard Plus Corporate Debenture: HK$3,000,000
  • Standard Corporate Debenture: HK$2,000,000

To provide for repairs, maintenance and improvement of the school’s facilities for the benefit of all students, Stamford American School Hong Kong raises funds via the issuance of Debentures, and the collection of Capital Levies. All enrolled students are required to subscribe to one of the options.

For full information on Fees, please contact our Finance team at

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