Cornerstones Program

Hands-On, Real Life Experiential Learning

This intensive project-based learning program offers Grades 9 and 10 high school students unique hands-on learning experiences under the guidance of faculty and professional mentors in leading industries. Students develop new skills, gain industry insights and build networks, giving them invaluable experience as they prepare for the final years of high school and their career paths.
Unlike an internship or an organizational affiliation, the program is fully integrated into the American high school curriculum and is part of the course credits for Grades 9 and 10 students. Each collaboration results in a culminating project showcased and reflected in quarterly progress reports.
The Cornerstones Program is designed to challenge students to become future-ready. By exploring passions and developing critical thinking skills in real-world contexts, students are better informed in course selections for Grades 11 and 12 and prepared well for the three high school graduating pathways, including the rigorous IBDP. The culminating project helps them stand out in their university applications, positioning them ahead of their peers and equipping them with essential skills that will last a lifetime.

Stamford Cornerstones Program

2023/2024 Cornerstones Program Information

Stamford proudly presents 11 projects with distinct focuses that reflect student voice and ambitions: careers in artificial intelligence, sustainable design and engineering, urban mobility & design, event planning, fitness & wellness industry, game design, finance industry, music production, biotechnology, the food and beverage industry, and visual art.

OWN Academy

Focus on Game Design

A Collaboration with Own Academy & Press Start Hong Kong Board game publishing has been around for decades and still thrives in the digital era. By going digital, it has evolved with market demands and has transformed player behaviors. This game design course challenges you to design your very own digital board game prototype. You will visit different game design companies, discover how game publishing works, explore the game design cycle, and pitch and present a demo for your own game to veteran game designers.

3D Urbanists: Sustainable Design and Mobility for Tomorrow (Designed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology))

A Collaboration with Tram Plus  Are you ready for professional engineering? Join this course to reimagine and create the next generation tram cars! You will be challenged with a partly defined problem and constraints, and through hands-on studio interactions, you will follow the engineering design process and build on existing STEMinn knowledge to ideate and construct prototypes, develop potential alternatives, select a solution, assess the results, and refine your solution. Guided and supported by senior year university engineering students, you will learn the skills to use industry-level software.

Design for Sustainable Urban Mobility Program (In partnership with MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node)

A Collaboration with Tram Plus  Using the methodology of Design Thinking, guidedgroup work and hands-on experience, you will remix ideas, provide constructive peer feedback and
explore various sources of inspiration in design teams. You will develop people-centric solutions with lookalike or workalike prototypes to demonstrate a proposed solution that promotes sustainability and circular design and take innovation to the next level.
OWN Academy

Focus on Finance Industry

A Collaboration with Own Academy Jobs in the financial sector are highly sought after as they can be lucrative. However, with high demand comes challenging entry qualifications. Led by expert industry mentor with about 20 years of experience in the finance sector specializes in securities dealing and asset & wealth management in Taipei, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore, this course will help you understand how the finance sector works within global economies and open your eyes to the different possible career pathways.

Doing Things With AI: Real-World Applications for Young Innovators

A Collaboration with Tram Plus  Careers in AI are growing at a rapid rate. You will experience real-world AI applications, their power, and their limitations. You will have the opportunity to explore your creativity by through multimedia campaigns using various AI tools and focus on a topic of their choice. The program emphasizes responsible AI navigation, instilling practical skills, ethical awareness, and societal impact knowledge in the next generation of innovators.
Hong Kong Art School

Focus on Visual Art (Ceramics and Painting)

A Collaboration with Hong Kong Art School Do you have a passion for the arts? Let your imagination run wild as you create and showcase your own ceramics and paintings under the guidance of the renowned Hong Kong Art School, a division of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. This hands-on short course introduces you to the world of ceramics and watercolor painting, while you will learn about the properties of materials and practice the skills and techniques required. Once you get a taste of these two timeless art forms, you will then go on to create a masterpiece with the art form of your choice to present in an exciting mini-exhibition.
OWN Academy

Focus on Fitness and Wellness

A Collaboration with Own Academy & EuCan Productions Being fit and healthy can look very different for every individual and turning this coaching into a sustainable business can be a completely different experience too! Join this project to work with a personal trainer and a wellness coach to learn expert advice on everything from concept creation and execution to training and marketing. You will also work to define solutions to future-proof the fitness and wellness industry. Learn how you passion can become a career.
Test Kitchen

Focus on Food and Beverage Industry

A Collaboration with Test Kitchen Fancy starting your own restaurant? Join this project to make your entrepreneurial dream come true! Every week, you will meet chefs and restaurateurs to hear their stories and inspiration. Learn what it takes to build your career, and open your own restaurant: from developing the concept, to building the right team, location scouting, financial management, research & development, marketing, PR, operations to culminate in an exciting charity launch event on campus!
OWN Academy

Focus on Biotechnology

A Collaboration with Own Academy Biology, genes, proteins, viruses are some concepts we’re all familiar with but what careers can a passion for science lead to? Dive into the microscopic world of biology and explore its various practical and real-life applications! You will learn from professionals who discover, develop, and sell drugs for use as medications, with the aim to prevent, cure diseases or alleviate symptoms.
OWN Academy

Focus on Music Production

A Collaboration with Own Academy Themusic industry presents opportunities not only for musicians but those who work behind the scenes . You will explore your understanding and preference of music as an expressive art form and experience a completely self-directed creative process. The expert mentor will guide your through the behind the scenes skills and challenges of the globally competitive music industry from the basics to the final launch! You will learn DJ mixing skills and culture and then collaborate to organize a release party as the culminating project.
OWN Academy

Focus on Event Productions

A Collaboration with Own Academy Event planning is vibrant, busy, and highly demanding. Join this career taster to understand the logistics and challenges of being an event producer, and even work with real clients and partners! You will explore the realities, challenges, and study real-life scenarios of client communications. Whether you are interested in a career in marketing or want to sharpen project management skills this project is for you!

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