Spirit of Stamford Scholarship Program

Stamford American School Hong Kong is committed to developing students to live and breathe our core values of Integrity, Courage, Innovation, and Compassion. We are excited to offer the Spirit of Stamford Scholarship Program.

The Spirit of Stamford Scholarship Program recognizes outstanding secondary students who possess various talents and will make a positive contribution to the Stamford community.

The internal scholarship program is open to all Grades 9, 10, and 11 students at Stamford American School.

The external scholarship program is available for non-Stamford students enrolled in Grades 9, 10, or 11 at any school (equivalent to S3 – S5 in local secondary school). Scholarship awards will offset the student’s tuition fees in the next academic year at Stamford American School Hong Kong.

We look forward to receiving applications from all interested students and celebrating those who embody our core values. If you have any questions regarding the criteria, contact

As part of our admissions process, we conduct a face-to-face assessment in order to ensure that your child will be successful when enrolled at Stamford. Our assessments are considered in conjunction with previous school reports and a teacher recommendation by our review committee in order to give us a well-rounded view of your child. The assessment is designed to be as relaxed as possible and offers an opportunity for us to meet your child, get to know him/her better as well as answer any questions he/she may have about life as a Stamford student. As an entry requirement, the assessment focus is on English language proficiency.

All our assessment activities are age-appropriate. Please note that there is no preparation required. Our team will also be on hand to encourage and support the child throughout the assessment. During the assessment, parents may meet with a member of our Admissions Team if they have questions.

For overseas applicants: If a face-to-face assessment is not possible, we may arrange an online assessment via Teams. Overseas applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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