Canteen services are a critical part of school life at Stamford, as we understand that providing nutritionally balanced food options for children at school can encourage them to engage in healthy eating habits as they continue to grow. We have therefore engaged Chartwells, a leading provider of food services, to cater a varied and nutritiously balanced international menu for our community.

Chartwells’ core philosophy of “Eat, Learn & Live” commits them to provide healthy meals to help our students develop, learn and perform at their best. Chartwells operates a Smart Food Program at Stamford where meals and snacks are tailored to meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

Ordering Process

Menus are shared with all our families on a monthly basis. Parents of students in Pre-Primary to Grade 2 can pre-order meals online through Chartwells’ meal enrollment program. To allow our older students independence in making food choices, students in Grade 3 and above can purchase meals and snacks on campus using their Octopus Card.

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