Grade 10 students participating the STEMinn competition

Inspiring STEM Innovators Shaping the Future

Stamford takes great pride in nurturing students’ passion for STEMinn (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and innovation). 

Two exceptional Grade 10 students, Beny and Cedric, have demonstrated their dedication in this field and achieved remarkable success through their innovative projects. Along with two other teammates, they emerged as Champions of the PolyU Engineering Project Competition 2023 in the EMG-driven Robotic Arm category. Additionally, Beny and Cedric received the prestigious MTR Outstanding Award at the CAFEA Young Talent City Forum for their essay about their innovative ideas. 


The Story Behind Their Projects: Collaboration, Innovation, and Empowering Lives

This summer, Beny and Cedric entered the PolyU Engineering Project Competition 2023 – EMG-driven Robotic Arm Category. They developed a robotic arm controlled by electromyography (EMG) signals to enhance the lives of individuals with physical disabilities. Beny explained, “EMG is all about capturing the electrical activities produced by the muscles and finding the average of the muscle signals in an ideal situation and when compressed. We wanted to give physically challenged individuals a tool that allows them to regain some control and independence.” 

While in the CAFEA Young Talent City Forum, Cedric shared the story behind their ideas, “We aim to use an interactive app and games that are designed around improving cognition and mental capacity, to prevent and ease the effects of cognitive disabilities and aging.”

Collaboration played a pivotal role in the success of their project. Cedric expressed his enthusiasm to work as a team. “It was a fun experience because we bonded together and became friends. We identified each person’s strongest traits and planned our workload accordingly.” 

Beny and Cedric, alongside their teammates, collaborate on their project.
Beny and Cedric, alongside their teammates, collaborated on their project.

In addition to collaboration, several other key factors contributed to their success. They embraced an innovative mindset, embraced an innovative mindset to address a social issue. Beny explained, “We wanted to offer a unique design that would significantly impact and address a critical need in society.”  Their EMG-driven Robotic Arm, inspired by Iron Man, not only showcased their creativity but also provided enhanced functionality compared to conventional designs. 

Beny and Cedric Optimize Their EMG-driven Robotic Arm Work
Beny and Cedric optimized their EMG-driven robotic arm work.
The Passion and Inspiration of STEMinn
About Cedric 

Cedric’s passion for STEMinn began at a young age, fueling his curiosity for technology, artificial intelligence, and cognitive development. When discussing his favorite aspect of STEMinn, Cedric’s deep fascination with AI becomes evident. The boundless potential and creative features of AI irresistibly captivate Cedric’s imagination, compelling him to delve even deeper into this transformative field. Regarding the research and design process, Cedric most enjoys the design phase. He enthusiastically shares, “I find the design process incredibly fulfilling and interactive. It brings me one step closer to a final product or prototype. I’m constantly amazed by the innovative and creative features of technology, whether it’s thermal imaging, the mechanics of a Cannon, or the programming and complex functions of Artificial Intelligence.” 

Beny confidently presents their groundbreaking project during the competition.
Beny confidently presented their groundbreaking project during the competition.
About Beny

Beny’s adventure into the captivating world of STEMinn began when he stepped foot into Stamford. He shares, “I’ve always been fascinated by how things work and the endless possibilities that science, technology, and engineering hold. It’s like an irresistible puzzle that I can’t resist solving.” For Beny, the essence of STEMinn lies in innovation, “I firmly believe that the ability to think outside the box and generate unique solutions is a crucial skill, not only in academia but every aspect of life. I enjoy the design phase as it offers boundless creativity and freedom, allowing me to explore uncharted territories without limitations before diving into research.” Beny finds motivation in individuals such as Elon Musk and trailblazers like Carl Pei and Steve Jobs, who embody the power of visionary thinking and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. However, Beny’s greatest source of inspiration is his father.

Celebrating Success and Fostering Future Innovations in STEMinn

The recognition and awards received by Beny and Cedric for their project brought them immense pride and happiness. “Winning two awards made me feel extremely proud of myself and our whole team, ” Cedric expressed.  With their sights set on the future, Beny and Cedric are eager to continue their journey in STEMinn. When asked about their Stamford G10 Sophomore project, both Beny and Cedric expressed their strong interest in pursuing projects related to STEMinn. Beny confidently affirmed, “My G10 Sophomore project will definitely be related to it.”

The team received the awards at the CAFEA Young Talent City Forum.

Stamford provides a transformative STEMinn education that empowers students to make meaningful contributions to the world. Through comprehensive guidance and vast opportunities, the school nurtures a new generation of teens who, just like Beny and Cedric, shine with unwavering curiosity, boundless creativity, and relentless pursuit of innovation. This is the generation that is set to make a positive impact in the world. 


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