Future IB graduate at Stamford American HK
May 31, 2022

Family-friendly art activities

During this month of online learning, it is important for students to take a break away from screen time to express themselves and their creativity through Visual Arts.

Encouraging your child’s imagination through art has immense benefits across the curriculum and their lives beyond school.  Students will not only be developing physical skills such as muscle strength, dexterity, and fine motor control, through art, they will enhance soft-skills such as innovation, creativity, critical-thinking, decision-making, and visual memory – desirable traits for 21st-century learners!

Our Visual Arts experts, Ms. Erin Wesely and Ms. Melissa Heagle are here to help you with some creative art activity ideas you can do at home.  


Salt Dough Crafts

With this simple dough recipe, you can make almost anything!  It is easy to work with, and after your creation is complete, bake and paint your final product to display or gift to a friend.



This simple and fun game has incredible benefits for visual, verbal and non-verbal skills.  Use the printable word lists, or download the word-generator app and challenge friends or family to guess the word through your drawings (no clues allowed!)


Nature-Based Art

If conditions allow you to get outside this month, go for a walk or hike to collect some treasures for some artistic creations.


Make Your Own Board Game

Looking for a new game to play with friends and family this month?  Try making your own using some paper or card, pencils, scissors, and your imagination!


Art/Science Experiments

Stamford students are very familiar with cross-curricular activities through our inquiry-based approach to learning. This website has many fun activities combining art with science.


Excited for more?

Take a look at these links for many art activity ideas to do with children at home.




The Arts Program at Stamford American School Hong Kong delivers weekly music, visual art and drama lessons to students from Pre-Primary to Grade 10.  Students are also encouraged to pursue their passions, and try something new through the many offerings in our Co-Curricular Activities after-school.  To find out more about our engaging Arts program, please visit our website or contact our Admissions Team.