changing school at mid year
November 7, 2022

Changing Schools Mid-Year


Although the largest intake of students each year for many international schools occurs in August, many schools such as Stamford American School Hong Kong accept students subject to space availability throughout the year. For some parents, the thought of their child entering a school after the year has begun is not appealing. However, mid-year entry, especially for students changing from other curriculum types, can be a great option to secure a place and settle in; here’s why.

1. A clear understanding of places available

Unlike the August intake, where schools balance re-enrollment and new admissions, mid-year entry is focused solely on new joiners for any spaces remaining due to student relocations or the opening of additional classes. When inquiring, schools can clarify parents regarding the possibility of space availability almost immediately versus waiting months between application and offer.

changing school at mid year

2. Fewer applicants

Fewer applicants for mid-year means your child can stand out to an admissions team. Parents especially concerned about their child’s English proficiency sometimes choose this route as fewer applicants mean less competition. A school will also understand their EAL resources and ability to support after students have settled in. As students progress throughout the year, some students might be graduating from EAL support which allows a school to intake new students requiring English support.

3. Lots of Support

With only a few students settling in mid-year, your child will get a lot of support with their transition from both teachers and other students. For students transitioning from local to an international school, a small joiner cohort can be very helpful as they navigate new curriculum approaches and social circles. Some parents might worry about their child being “the new kid.” The culture of international schools is built on students coming from various countries and backgrounds, which includes transferring at different times of the year. It is quite natural for new joiners to start throughout the year and students are excited to meet new friends, and teachers are eager to support.

changing school mid-year
Mid-year entry is an excellent option for many students; one caveat is if your child is in Grade 9 (Year 10) or higher, timing can be critical. In high school, students begin accumulating graduation credit points. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure transfer timings align with the new school’s semester, quarters, etc., to maintain a clear high school transcript, especially if you have the option to delay the move.

Experienced school staff such as the Stamford American School admissions team and full-time university guidance counselors can help you better understand if a mid-year transition is right for your child.

If you want to explore mid-year entry, contact us (insert whats app and other links) to learn more about places available and if mid-year entry is a beneficial opportunity for your child.

changing school mid-year