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What is it Like to Transfer to Stamford from a Local School?

What is it Like to Transfer to Stamford from a Local School?

Hear from “Spirit of Stamford Scholarship” recipient Alfred, Grade 9


  1. It’s been half a year since you started your learning journey at Stamford. What are your best memories here with us? 

My time here has been magnificent. I remember on my first day when I walked into my classroom, I felt anxious about the new environment, as everything here was new to me. I was lucky to have a group of helpful teachers and classmates willing to answer any of my questions. Some of my classmates even acted as tour guides to the facility on the first day! I was genuinely touched by their kind deeds, and thanks to them, it did not take me long to integrate into the community. Moreover, I had lots of chances to make friends with different ethnicities. My horizons were broadened because I could learn more about different cultures. I could only enjoy these experiences after studying here.


  1.     What was the biggest challenge these past months? How did you solve it? How did the school provide support? 

Due to the pandemic, I could not exercise outdoors, which was the biggest challenge I had. I had to force myself to move at home, but most times, I failed and ended up sitting in front of screens. Luckily, the school noticed this common phenomenon among students, and there have been activities encouraging us to do CrossFit and cardio exercises.


  1.     What do you think about Stamford’s curriculum? How does it differ from your previous school? 

I have been a student following the DSE curriculum since primary school. After studying here for half a year, I believe Stamford’s curriculum and the entire IB system encourage students to think critically and challenge assumptions through discussions with peers. It also inspires me to excel not only in my studies but also in my personal growth. As IB does not focus on memorizing as much compared to DSE, I now have more time to pursue my interests and hobbies outside of school.


  1.     How is online learning going? And how did the school support your online learning? 

Online learning is tiring, as we have to sit in front of screens for hours. As this slowly becomes the new normal, sometimes I forget to stand up and move around even when there are no lessons. Luckily, the teachers know this problem, and many of them have set up short stretching sessions before their classes begin. These sessions encourage me to exercise more and keep healthy.


  1.     What do you want to achieve in the coming few years at Stamford? And how are you going to work for this? 

I aim for a GPA of around 4.2 in the coming few years. I will work harder on my studies and, at the same time, explore and develop other interests outside school.


  1.   What is your favorite subject in school? Why? 

My favorite subject is unquestionably science, as it provides logic and sense to what might otherwise seem chaotic and impossible. Also, the school’s science curriculum encourages students to compose research and experiments on every topic covered, other than just looking at presentations in the classroom.


  1.   Do you have a favorite teacher? Why

All of my teachers are caring and unique in their own ways. Still, I especially appreciate my humanities teacher since he respects our opinions and could always lighten the mood during class. His lessons are never boring, and most importantly, he is willing to spend time explaining anything unclear to students after class.


  1.   What do you like about Stamford the most? 

The teachers in Stamford encourage every student to express themselves no matter when. The way we all feel is equally important in the class, which I like the most about the Stamford community.


  1.   What is the most significant change to your life after joining the Stamford family? 

Back when I was in local schools, I had to attend several activities and meetings after school every week, so I arrived home at 6 pm or 7 pm almost every day, then there was still loads of homework waiting! Now that I am in Stamford, I can finish homework before dinner, so there is great flexibility for my leisure time, and I feel way less stressed.


  1. What is your dream after graduation? How will Stamford help you to achieve it?

Despite having a deep interest in various subjects, such as math and science, I am unsure what to study at university. Luckily, Stamford has a strong team of career planning experts, and I am confident that they will aid me in finding my place in society.