6 Tips to Tackle Screen Time from Stamford American HK
June 1, 2022

Six Tips To Tackle Screen time in the Holiday

Six Tips to Tackle Screentime

School’s over, and it’s time to put away digital devices and do something else! Our Educational Technology Coordinator Mr. Evans shares six tips for your family to tackle screen time over the summer. Devices are part of everyone’s life, so this task is easier said than done. Watch this clip for the complete tips, or see our summary below.

  1. Have a device contract with your child regarding usage, times, and channels. You can also ask them to draft one for you!
  2. Make time for “tech talk,” where the family discusses device use and helps everyone stick to their contract!
  3. Keep bedrooms device-free and usage restricted to common areas.
  4. Ensure your child has enough activities during the summer break-sports, playdates, etc.
  5. Get involved! Make an effort to learn about your child’s favorite apps or games. Exploring technology together is a great bonding activity; you will also understand more about the content your child is accessing.
  6. Lead by example-remember all the tips above apply to parents too! Suppose you are modeling good behavior in terms of usage and engaging in off-screen activities. In that case, your children will learn from you and take your feedback better since you are practicing positive behaviors.

Screens are here to stay—understanding how they can be used as tools and responsibly is the key to maintaining a healthy balance. The teachers at Stamford American School HK are always happy to help. Just reach out to your child’s teacher for suggestions, and remember you are not alone!

Want to learn more?  Another great resource is https://www.commonsense.org/ which includes a variety of resources for parents and our expert faculty at Stamford American HK.