May 31, 2022

Connecting with your child through Drama-Tips for Parents

At Home Drama Tips for Parents

The Stamford Drama program provides students with the opportunity to improve their communication skills and express themselves and their emotions in different ways.  The confidence-building strategies and presentation techniques learned can be effective across all areas of school-life, and beyond.   

Drama is a creative outlet for children to learn more about themselves and others, it opens up great potential for connecting with your child at home. Our passionate drama teacher, Ms Amy Percival has some activities for families to try together.

  1. Read books  – When sharing a book, take time to discuss the story as a family, talk about the characters, and their emotional journey in the story.  For added fun, choose characters and act out the different voices!
  2. Write and act out stories together – if you enjoy ‘hamming it up’ when reading stories together, take it to the next level and create your own plays.  Invite friends and family to join as cast or audience. Don’t forget the costumes and props!
  3. Watch movies – This is an opportunity for great conversation. You can find a lot of questions to prompt your discussion here.
  4. Create your own movies – Create some puppets and film your own short film using applications such as iMovie.
  5. Process drama – Let your child lead you with their creation of imaginary worlds, characters, and situations. This is an easy, fun way for you and your child to create drama spontaneously in the moment.
  6. Create your own photo booth sessions – Gather some props and take some family photos.  You can even add cool elements with photo apps!
  7. Play Drama games – working in teams, pairs or individually, drama games are a lot of fun!  Try the miming game ‘Heads Up!’ or some other fun suggestions here.

Watch Ms. Percival and Leo share 5 fun drama activities here. 

The Arts Program at Stamford

The Arts Program at Stamford American School Hong Kong fosters creativity through weekly music, visual art and drama lessons.  Students are encouraged to pursue their passions, and try something new through the many offerings in our Co-Curricular Activities after-school including the opportunity to take part in twice-yearly productions.  To find out more about our engaging Arts program, please visit our website or contact our Admissions Team.