Reading Club
February 3, 2023

Learn about Our Customized EAL Programs in Elementary School

Shaila Samtani, Head of EAL

Este Verhave, G5 EAL Teacher 

Eva Li, G4-5 ALP Teacher 

The EAL department at Stamford endeavors to accommodate a range of learning needs, as we truly believe that “every child matters”. This week, we’d like to introduce you to our English Literacy Intervention (ELI) Program and our Accelerated Learning Program (ALP), both customized to accommodate the varied language needs of Elementary students.

What is ELI (English Literacy Intervention)

English Literacy Intervention (ELI) is a short-term program where facilitators identify students who need assistance with their literacy skills. Teachers work with students in groups of 3 to 4 to improve their fluency, accuracy, and comprehension skills. Their progress is monitored throughout the quarter (usually three months) and individual needs are targeted.

Benefits of ELI


    • Focused phonics instruction
    • Help students grow their vocabulary
    • Consistent daily practice
    • Regular teacher feedback and support
    • Grow students’ confidence as readers and writers
    • Improve critical thinking skills

ALP (Accelerated Language Program) – How Does It Work

Accelerated Language Program (ALP) is a semi-sheltered class where selected EAL students can receive daily intensive support in core subjects, from English Language Arts to Math and STEMinn. It aims to support students in their English language acquisition through targeted and comprehensive support in literacy and language skills.

Students spend around 15 periods a week in the ALP class in a pull-out setting and the rest of the time with their respective homeroom classes for all subject areas, including specialist classes. Students learn grade-level content with differentiated and personalized support, following the mainstream curriculum with varying levels of accommodations and modifications.

During Language Arts, students work on building literacy skills, following the same Reader’s and Writer’s workshop model as their mainstream peers, while at the same time building language foundations and growing language proficiencies.

For math and STEMinn, students have access to scaffolded instructions and specific curricular resources which promote the development of their speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This hybrid and unique program offers students a chance to be part of the mainstream classrooms while receiving specialized EAL support in the areas where they need the most. The goal of ALP is to help students grow confidence, make accelerated progress, and move towards grade-level expectations.