October 4th-October 10th

At Stamford American School Hong Kong, we are inspired by space and wanted to delve into UN endorsed World Space Week that takes place annually from October 4th-10th in celebration of the successful launch of Sputnik on October 4, 1957, the first satellite to orbit Earth. Our students from pre-primary to grade 8 will explore space through a variety of activities leading up to Space Week with a culminating 12hr event showcase.

Some highlights include:

  • Grade 1 students learning more about the effects of gravity with microgravity gardens
  • Grade 3 students will build and launch their rockets
  • Grade 5 will construct and test human-powered rovers
  • Class visits to a mobile planetarium and cross-curricular space themed lessons.

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Highlights in class: 

 Grade 1 Microgravity Experiment