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At Stamford, we understand that in our ever increasing knowledge-based economy, scientific and technological innovations pervade every part of our lives – at home, in school, at work and beyond.

That is why we offer a problem-based Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMinn) Program to challenge students in these disciplines through critical thinking and real-world application. This interdisciplinary curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and enhanced by AERO and Common Core Plus standards.

Commencing from 5 years old, Pre-Primary (Kindergarten) students study and research 5 units of study a year, progressing to nine units of study in Grade 5. Laying strong foundations in these disciplines prepares our Elementary students for success in the highly challenging Physics, Biology and Chemistry courses offered in Secondary.

STEMinn is driven by skills and concepts as well as by content. Students actively participate in the hands-on design and production of their ideas, whether improving on an existing idea or realizing a dream, conventional or off-the-wall. Dedicated STEMinn facilities allow our students to practice their practical work, create and test prototypes and think like a scientist while access to a leveled STEMinn library in every classroom builds science literacy.

Through our unique STEMinn Program, Stamford produces creative thinkers ready for their careers as engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders.


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Periods Weekly
Pre-Primary to Grade 5


Units of Study
in Grade 5


STEMinn Library
In Every Classroom