Why Bilingual?

For some students, daily instruction is not sufficient for their language development objectives. Our bilingual program develops excellent communication skills in both languages across the curriculum for the greatest possible proficiency and confidence in both languages.

What is the split of Mandarin and English teaching time?

The Bilingual Program at Stamford is a 60-40 English/Mandarin dual immersion model, using simplified Chinese characters. This means that students spend approximately 40% of the time with the homeroom teacher fully immersed in Mandarin and approximately 60% of their time in English.

This applies to:

  • Math
  • STEMinn (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Innovation)
  • Inquiry
  • Second Step

Is the curriculum different from the non-bilingual stream?

The English/Mandarin Bilingual Program also follows the curriculum that is taught in the monolingual classes of the same grade. The only difference is the language in which the content is taught. The Bilingual Program teachers continue to meet with their grade level teams to plan together. The Bilingual Program teachers also meet regularly with the Mandarin teachers to ensure consistent language development in Mandarin, both with the homeroom and Language Block teacher. The Bilingual Program teachers also follow the same educational philosophy and classroom management approach as is standard at Stamford.