Stamford Cornerstones Collaboration

This intensive project-based learning course allows high school students to work alongside both teachers and seasoned professionals in leading industries. Students will develop new skills, gain industry insights and build networks, giving them invaluable experience as they prepare for the final years of high school and their ultimate career paths. In the 2020/2021 academic year, Stamford is proud to be collaborating with four prominent organizations: Hong Kong Art School, Oxfam, the SCMP and the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node. 

This unique opportunity allows Stamford students to earn high school credit while developing their critical thinking skills in real-world contexts so that they are well-prepared for all high school graduating pathways at Stamford, including the rigorous IBDP. 

Stamford students will explore their passions to better guide them in their critical Grade 11 and 12 course selections. The culminating projects will help students stand out in their university applications by building a strong portfolio, while also guiding them along their career pathways. 

The format of the program, which focuses on intense project-based learning, will accelerate student growth, positioning Stamford students ahead of their peers while equipping them with essential skills that will last a lifetime.


2020/2021 Cornerstones Program Information 

The Stamford Cornerstones collaboration offers students in Grade 9 and Grade 10 a unique opportunity to work with world-renowned organizations to find their career aspirations and prepare for universities while earning high school course credit. Students choose one of four organizations per semester while being guided by their Stamford American School faculty advisor. Students will explore an area of interest, choosing among visual arts, student leadership, entrepreneurship, or journalism. 

Each collaboration will result in a culminating project that is showcased and included in their final grade. Cornerstones is an excellent opportunity for students to display their learning and provides a stand-out addition to their portfolios when applying to universities.

Hong Kong Art School

Focus on Visual Art
This short course allows students to create and showcase their ceramics and sculpture works under the guidance of the renowned Hong Kong Art School, a division of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Working alongside seasoned art professionals, this hands-on short course will introduce students to the world of ceramics and sculpture. They will learn about the properties of materials and practice the required skills and techniques. After building a solid understanding of these two timeless art forms, they will then go on to create a masterpiece that will be presented in an exciting mini-exhibition to develop their portfolio. Find out more about Hong Kong Art School at

Oxfam Hong Kong

Focus on Student Leadership
In an increasingly interconnected world, students who are global citizens and true innovators for change will stand out from their peers and become tomorrow’s leaders. In this unique collaboration with the world-famous international NGO, Oxfam, students will learn how to become active and responsible global citizens and make a difference. Students will explore issues related to global inequality and zoom in on poverty in Hong Kong under the direction of experienced changemakers that will mentor students to develop solutions to world issues. Students will gain invaluable real-world problem-solving skills while developing their portfolio for university applications. We are excited to have this opportunity for Stamford students to show the world how they can make the difference with this once in a lifetime experience. Find out more about Oxfam Hong Kong at

MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node

Focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
With an integrated STEMinn program, Stamford has been developing passionate innovators since its inception. We invite students to take their innovation skills to the next level with this opportunity to work with MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node. This short course allows students to experience what it feels like to work in a start-up while learning hands-on skills. Students will learn from technology experts and entrepreneurs essential skills such as the elements of user design experience, rapid prototyping and how to pitch their ideas like a pro. Honing these in-demand skills and showcasing their final projects will make them stand out amongst their peers. As we say at Stamford, don’t wait, innovate! Find out more about MIT Innovation Node at

South China Morning Post

Focus on Journalism
Storytelling is vital not only for journalists but also in business. This short course offers students the opportunity to hone their writing and presentation skills by exploring a variety of media, in- cluding podcasts, broadcasts, print and more. Students will learn about the elements of a good news story, how to deliver it, and discern facts from fiction. They will also delve into the wide world of social media and learn how to leverage it. Students will develop vital critical thinking, writing, interviewing and presentation skills under the guidance of prominent media experts at SCMP. Students will finish this program ready for their final years at Stamford and having unique media pieces to build their portfolios. Read South China Morning Post at