Stamford Cornerstones Collaboration

The Cornerstones Program is an intensive project-based learning program that offers Grades 9 and 10 high school students unique hands-on learning experiences under the guidance of faculty and professional mentors in leading industries for course credit. Working alongside industry mentors, students develop new skills, gain industry insights and build networks, giving them invaluable experience preparing for the final years of high school and, ultimately, their career paths. Each semester-long collaboration results in a culminating project showcased and critiqued by a panel of experts. The four culminating projects ensure Stamford students stand out to university admissions while equipping students with essential skills that last a lifetime. The Cornerstones Program challenges students and develops critical thinking skills in real-world contexts to prepare students for graduating high school pathways, including the rigorous IBDP. This hands-on learning program is unique to Stamford and a favorite amongst our students due to the unique opportunity to learn outside the classroom with experts.

2021/2022 Cornerstones Program Information 

Stamford proudly presents 8 projects with distinct focuses that reflect students’ ambitions and strengths: architecture, future-focused design thinking, e-commerce entrepreneurship, game design, journalism, student leadership, technical arts, and visual art.


1. Focus on Architecture

 A Collaboration with Own Academy & Enzyme

Let's put on our creative hardhats and learn about the many facets of being an architect! This architecture course introduces students to the fundamentals of architecture, the steps to conceptualize and design a building from the ground up, and the skills to manage a project and a client. Students are challenged to create, showcase and critique a 3D model for a project, and will also visit an interior design firm and join site visits to learn about urban planning.


2. Focus on Design Thinking for the Future

A Collaboration with Flux Compass

We are living in an ever-changing world that requires us to be agile, and to anticipate and design solutions for the distant future. This calls for knowledge and access to the right tools and methodologies. This design thinking course introduces students to techniques such as future trends analysis, scenario planning, human-centered design thinking, rapid prototyping, futures fiction and performance, and media campaigns and communications so students can use their imaginations to explore multiple possible future realities, think about the world they want to live in and take action to shape it.


3. Focus on E-commerce Entrepreneurship

A Collaboration with Own Academy & Mazu Concepts Limited

Experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur and create your own e-commerce business. This e-commerce entrepreneurship course introduces students to the “end-to-end process” of how to build a business in the digital age. Students start with researching, sourcing, and creating their own product, then progress to building a brand, marketing strategy, and execution.


4. Focus on Game Design

A Collaboration with Own Academy & Press Start Hong Kong

Boardgame publishing has been around for decades and still thrives in the digital era. By going digital, it has evolved with market demands and has transformed player behaviors. This game design course challenges students to design their very own digital board game prototype. Students visit different game design companies, discover how game publishing works, explore the game design cycle, and pitch and present a demo for their own game to veteran game designers.


5. Focus on Journalism

A Collaboration with South China Morning Post

Interested in news media and how news is prepared? Want to learn how to hook readers and keep them wanting to read more? Learn from prominent media experts at SCMP what makes a good news story and how to separate fact from fiction. Whether it is a podcast, broadcast, or print, students will understand the elements of a good news story and how to deliver it. Discover the wide world of media including leveraging social media and the power of photos to change the world. Don’t just read the news, learn how to create the news!

6. Focus on Student Leadership

A Collaboration with Oxfam Hong Kong

Work with world-famous international NGO, Oxfam, to learn how you can become an active and responsible global citizen and make a difference. Students explore issues related to global inequality and zoom in on poverty in Hong Kong under the direction of experienced change-makers who help them develop a solution to a world issue. Be the difference, with this once-in-a-lifetime experience to develop a life-changing solution.

7. Focus on Technical Arts

A Collaboration with Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the curtains of a play? What does it entail to turn stories from the scripts to the stage? This technical arts course introduces students to the world of stage production. They learn all about stage management, lighting, and sound design and operation concepts, and props, set and costume design, and making. They develop an understanding of how the backstage operates, gain a fresh perspective and experience on behind-the-scene aspects of performance, and have a chance to put on a showcase performance at a theatre.

8. Focus on Visual Art

A Collaboration with Hong Kong Art School

Let the imagination run wild as you create and showcase your own ceramics and sculpture works under the guidance of the renowned Hong Kong Art School, a division of the Hong Kong Arts Centre. This hands-on short course introduces students to the world of ceramics and sculpture, while they learn about the properties of materials and practice the skills and techniques required. Once students get a taste of these two timeless art forms, they then go on to create a masterpiece with the art form of their choice to present in a mini-exhibition.