27 May 2020

From Data To Differentiated Classroom Strategies

Literacy is the backbone of education, and mastering reading skills from a young age is fundamental in achieving higher academic performance across disciplines. Therefore, it is essential that schools have a clear framework in place to develop students’ literacy and a system to measure success. [Read More]
26 May 2020

Bilingual Program: Learning Beyond the Language

The Bilingual Program at Stamford American School Hong Kong develops communication skills in both English and Mandarin across the curriculum. This stream uses a 60/40 (English/Mandarin) immersion model using simplified Chinese characters similar to the curriculum in Stamford Singapore. Taught using a unique one-teacher...

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8 May 2020

Counselor’s Corner - Understanding Manners

This week, Ms. Divina Ancheta, our Behavior Interventionist, shares methods for parents to encourage your child to learn manners. [Read More]