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For Stamford Families:
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May 23rd: Parent Workshop - Mindfulness for Young Children

Deirdre McCloskey, School Director of Mills International Preschool, will explain the benefits of MindUP™ for young children, and provide practical advice and sample activities that can be done at home to enhance your child’s emotional judgement and improve concentration, memory recall, and a general sense of calm and focused attention. Parents can play a key role in helping their children view the world as full of possibilities and potential. 

Discover how to foster a positive mindset in your child and encourage them to become more self-aware and receptive to learning: Register now >> >

May 26th: Basketball Clinics at Stamford

At Stamford, students are encouraged to participate in different sports and co-curricular activities to foster whole child development. Stamford would like to extend this opportunity to students outside the Stamford community to enjoy our spacious Stamford arena and enjoy a morning of basketball and sportsmanship.  Led by our Head of Athletics with over 20 years of experience in coaching, we are offering 3 FREE basketball clinics for children. Each session, children will work on key skills and have the chance to try out some new moves to build confidence and team spirit. All skill levels are welcome but a positive attitude and willingness to try your best is required. We welcome both Stamford and non-Stamford students to join for this fun-filled morning. Register at >>>


June 2nd: What are Ivy League US College Admissions really looking for?

Learn about what it really takes to get into a top tier university in the United States and the most important things that international students should know when applying to those schools.  

Join us to learn more about the IBDP program and how it prepares children for universities around the world, from IBDP expert Michael Galligan, Academic Coordinator, Stamford American school.

Lloyd Nimetz, founder of The Spike Lab, will help you understand the role of innovation in university admissions through the perspective of admissions officers and see why grades alone are no longer enough. Come hear inspirational stories about how regular students discovered their passions, developed those passions into extraordinary achievements, and went on to awe the top universities.

Top colleges are looking for students who will change the world, and the best way to find that is in students who have already impacted their local communities. This is why 90% of The Spike Lab’s students have been accepted to their top choice universities. Universities that The Spike Lab’s students have been admitted to include Columbia, Duke, UPenn (Wharton), UChicago, Georgetown, and many more. More importantly, these students have developed the entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in high school, college, and today’s fast-paced world.

Past Events

May 17th: Hands-on Workshop with The Latest in EdTech

Wonder what your children are doing on the iPad at school? Want to know what all the buzz about coding is? Need to understand how Apps are used in schools? Come and experience a snapshot of how children are learning in today’s classroom and have some fun too! This interactive session will allow you to learn about the latest in EdTech and also try it out for yourself! Our innovation experts will guide you through the basics of the latest Apps, coding and 3-D printing technology as well as the learning outcomes for these educational tools.

Why not go back to school for a day with Stamford and maybe even impress your children with your new found skills-spaces limited, Register today >>

Session A - 1:00pm - 2:30pm (Innovation lab experience followed by school tour) at Campus

Session B - 6:00pm - 7:30pm at Admissions Office (in Central)

May 3rd: The Role of Reading & Writing in the Digital Age

As parents, we are always eager to understand how to better support our children at home, not only in their development but also in their education. To answer this question, Stamford hosted an international literacy consultant and director of LitLIfe International, Mr. Vincent Ventura, to help parents in understanding how to encourage reading and writing in the 21st Century. Vincent works with teachers, parents and students worldwide to empower and excite them about the wonderful world of literacy. This FREE information session provided parents with simple strategies and tips to help bridge the gap between school and home, to help the children to develop their literacy skills.

April 21st: Basketball Clinics at Stamford

At Stamford, students are encouraged to participate in different sports and co-curricular activities to foster whole child development. This opportunity was extended to students outside the Stamford community to enjoy our spacious newly opened arena and a morning of basketball and sportsmanship. Led by our Head of Athletics with over 20 years of experience in coaching, there were 3 FREE basketball clinics for children. Each session, children worked on key skills and had the chance to try out some new moves to build confidence and team spirit. All skill levels were welcomed. 

April 21st: Musical Theater and Art Workshop with Kids' Gallery

At Stamford American School - Hong Kong, we believe that creativity, self-expression and confidence are traits that have a positive impact on everything children do at school and beyond the campus. That is why we are delighted to partner with Kids' Gallery to host this musical theater and art workshop to help develop these skills.

See photos from last year's workshop >>>

This three-hour session included both a musical theater and art workshop for children ages 4-9. Part one was a musical theater workshop that allowed children to practice their speaking skill and build their confidence. Children will feel like true performers when choosing their costumes and learning important vocal and choreography techniques and this workshop was for all levels of skill and language ability. Part two was a visual arts workshop, in which children learnt new art techniques and will construct and took home their very own masterpiece.

April 12th: Learn about the IBDP

This session focused on the IBDP program (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program), which officially begins for students in Grade 11. However, there is a lot of preparation prior to Grade 11 to ensure both acceptance and success into this academically rigorous program.  The session was an excellent opportunity to learn about the mission and values of the IB and how these are expressed at Stamford, including a brief overview of the middle school and high school curriculum and how it prepares your child for the IBDP program. This Stamford information session helped parents to understand the core elements of the IBDP and what is expected of students before and after acceptance into the program, as well as paths post-graduation.

March 15th: Free Talk on How to Manage Stress & Anxiety in Children

Stress and anxiety in children is a worry of many parents due to the pressures that an increasingly connected and competitive world creates for our children. These new challenges, in addition to those faced at school both academically and socially, make modern parenting a difficult task. To give parents insights and strategies to help children in better managing stress and becoming more resilient, Stamford has invited one of our most experienced counselors, Ms. Laura Day, from our Stamford Singapore campus. 

March 3rd: Learn from the Pros

On Saturday March 3rd at 10:00am, Stamford opened its doors to the Hong Kong community for our first large scale event “Learn from the Pros”! James Scott, Coach of Yao Ming’s own Shanghai Sharks and Stamford’s latest Global Mentor led two FREE basketball clinics at Stamford’s newly-opened Stamford Arena and a variety of exciting FREE workshops such as fencing with an Olympian by HK Fencing Master, Chinese calligraphy, innovation lab experience, arts & crafts and dance by Kids Gallery, free family photo booth by Faust, face painting, a racing simulator by Godzspeed and more!  See photos >