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January 19th: Storytelling and Writing Workshops

Stamford American School is delighted to invite the writer of many wonderful stories like A Dirty Story, An Even Dirtier Story and The Chinese Characters Series, Sarah Brennan, to come to the school and deliver storytelling and writing workshops to inspire our future creators in Stamford. 

Sarah will conduct free storytelling session (for children aged 3 to 6) and writing session (for children aged 9 to 13) for interested parents and children. These sessions are for non-Stamford students as Stamford students already have sessions during class times. To register>>

Past Events

December 9th: Winter Wonderland Party with Santa

Winter Wonderland Party with Santa

Christmas is coming! On Saturday December 9th, Stamford American School and Safari Kid International have teamed up for a festive “Winter Wonderland Party” with everyone’s favorite special guest, the man in red - Santa Claus! The event will be held at Safari Kid in Pok Fu Lam and it is for families with children ages 2-6+. Families will enjoy holiday inspired arts & crafts, songs, a variety of workshops from specialists such as Sport4Kids and Goji studios, a photo with Santa and a chance to play on Safari Kids’ 3,000 square foot playground. See photos >

July 27 (4pm - 5:30pm): Fencing Workshop with Olympic Athlete

At Stamford, we are proud to foster an inspiring environment and provide opportunities for children to achieve more than they believe they can. This July we are honored to have world-renowned Olympic fencing athlete Coach Lau Kwok Kin join our Global Mentor Program. You are invited to meet Coach Kin at our free Fencing Workshop on July 27th, where you will learn basic fencing drills and moves, watch Coach Kin demonstrate a friendly competition with his team and hear the benefits of fencing and sports on childhood development. For children ages 5 - 13 years old and their parents. Places are limited and registration is required. See photos > 

May 31: The Tiger Who Came To Tea (Performing Arts) Playgroup

We had an absolutely roaring good time with the cast of The Tiger Who Came to Tea and the wonderful drama experts from Faust! Families who joined us for our free playgroup enjoyed an interactive story telling session of this hit children's book, followed by a fun performing arts workshop. To wrap up this super event, children were treated to a special meet & greet session with the Tiger and Sophie, who are performing this musical live on stage in Hong Kong this summer. See photos >

May 9: Science Global Mentor Dr Bunhead

CAUTION! Extremely cold liquid nitrogen! We invited scientist and stage performer Tom Pringle a.k.a Dr Bunhead who delighted children and their parents with a great science experiment involving misty clouds, learning outcomes and plenty of laughter too. Afterward, children enjoyed playing with science kits such as Energy Sticks and Gotcha Gadgets, and learned more about how science can actually be a very fun subject. See photos > | Read more on Education Post >

April 10: Alice In Wonderland (Visual & Performing Arts) Party

We believe that creativity, self-expression and confidence are traits which extend not only within the clas, but have a positive impact on everything children do at school and beyond the campus. That is why we were delighted to partner with Kids' Gallery and invite families to join us for our free Alice In Wonderland Party to enjoy visual arts and performing arts workshops. In our visual arts session, children designed and painted their own beautiful hour glasses to take home. In our performing arts workshop, children had a blast trying on fun costumes, practicing script-reading and acting, and learning important vocal and choreography techniques. See photos >

MARCH 11: Into the Wild (Science Discovery) Party

Stamford American School partnered with the Mandarin experts from Mulberry House to host a wild exploration party conducted in both English and Mandarin. Families with children aged 4 to 8 years old joined us on an exciting, educational adventure as we explored the wild through live animal encounters (thanks to our friends from Jurassic Garage!), arts and science discovery projects and a dramatic storytelling read in Mandarin. See photos >

March 8: Reading & Writing Workshops with Sarah Brennan

Celebrated award-winning children's author Sarah Brennan visited Stamord American School as part of our Global Mentor Program to inspire a love of literacy in children and parents. Sarah draws inspiration from living in Hong Kong and has written best-selling books about Chinese history and culture, including Chinese Calendar Tales and the Dirty Story series for elementary school aged kids. Stamford was delighted to invite parents and their children to meet Sarah and join us for a free storyreading session held at Safari Kid (for children ages 3 to 6 years old) and a free writing workshop (for children ages 8 to 11 years old).  See writing workshop photos > and See story reading photos > and Watch our video online >

February 14: Innovation Seminar with Michelle Sun

Michelle Sun, Co-Founder & CEO of First Code Academy, visited Stamford American School as part of our Global Mentor Program to inspire parents and children to be change-makers and creative entrepreneurs. Nominated as one of Forbes' "30 Under 30" for Enterprise Tech, Michelle believes every person should be empowered to use technology to express themselves and bring their ideas to life. During this exciting seminar, Michelle shared her experience of starting her own company and gave her thoughts on the importance of innovation and digital literacy in the 21st century. Parents who attended also had the chance to ask her questions about entrepreneurship, coding and what these mean for our next generation. See photos >

January 16 & 17: Free Gymnastics Workshops with Joy Koh

Flip, twist, tumble and somersault! Who doesn't like to see their child be active, confident and healthy? Joy Koh, Singapore’s highest qualified gymnastics coach and 3 times World Championships judge, visited Hong Kong as part of Stamford American School’s Global Mentor Program to teach children a combination of movement patterns and foundational sports skills. Joy also met with parents to give an inspirational talk "Raising Champions" about character building through sports and how to succeed inside and outside of the gym. See photos >