Stamford’s Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Program aims to enrich and supplement the educational experience at Stamford. CCA's commence from Pre-Primary (Kindergarten) and are structured across two semesters to enable students to maximize the breadth of activities offered. All CCAs run for between 45 and 60 minutes after 3 pm on weekdays. Our CCA programs allow students the opportunity to pursue a passion in greater depth or try something for the first time.

We are delighted to offer over 35 high-quality CCA's in the 2018/2019 academic year. CCA registration happens twice per year allowing students to experience the wide range of activities that Stamford has to offer students after school.

Athletic CCA Programs
BalletBasketball - Learn-to-play
Basketball Team PracticeFencing
Fencing School TeamGymnastics
SoccerLearn to Swim
Swim SquadTaekwondo
Innovation and Technology CCA Programs
App ExplorationCodingDigital Media
STEMinn 2.0STEMinn RoboticsCompetitive VEX Robotics
The Arts CCA Programs
Chinese Arts & CraftsChinese CalligraphyChoir
"Into the Woods" Drama ProductionDrawing & PaintingExtraordinary Prop Art
Fundamentals of ArtString Orchestra - BeginnerString Orchestra - Advanced
Wind EnsembleWorld Music Percussion3D Art & Sculpture
Special Interest CCA Programs
Chess: Learn-to-playCreative Writing
GardeningPublic Speaking / Debate Team
Independent Study

Watch Us in Action

  • CCA Programs at Stamford
    See our wide variety of CCA's and how we support our students passions beyond the classroom.
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  • Wizard of Oz Production
    See photo highlights from our recent production of "Wizard of Oz"
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Additional Information

Full CCA prices are provided at the time of enrollment since we have many talented faculty at Stamford so many of our CCA's are available for under 500HKD per semester when using an outside provide CCA's are subject to the fees set by those providers.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) buses will drop students off at limited central points and taking the CCA bus will incur an additional cost. Parents will receive CCA bus pricing at time of CCA enrollment

When enrolling in the bus service the fees are calculated for a roundtrip and secure your child's seat accordingly.  For example, if your child was absent from school for one day, the bus company will not be able to fill that seat with another child to cover it's operating cost.

If your child attends a CCA program, they are absent from that bus service time for that day, however, their spot will not be filled to reduce any costs. Also, the bus company needs to provide an additional bus at a later time for your child which is the reason for an additional cost. However, the bus company does it's best to keep this cost as low as possible.