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Stamford’s Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Program aims to enrich and supplement the education experience at Stamford. CCA's commence from Pre-Primary (Kindergarten) and are structured across two semesters to enable students to maximize the breadth of activities offered. All CCAs run for between 45 and 60 minutes after 3pm on weekdays.

We are delighted to offer 20 high-quality CCA's in Semester 2 of the 2017/2018 academic year. Registration for semester two CCA's will commence in late January and close February 5th. At the start of the semester two year, families will receive more information about each activity, including fees (if applicable), uniform purchase (if applicable) and registration processes. Semester two CCA's will commence February 19th.

Tentative 2nd Semester ScheduleMondayTuesday WednesdayThursdayFriday
FencingGr 4-7NAPP-Gr 3Gr 4-7PP-Gr 3
BalletPP-Gr 2Gr 3-7NANANA
Coding-with First Code AcademyNAGr 4-7Gr 1-3PPGr 1-3
InnovationNAPP-Gr 1Gr 2-4Gr 5-7NA
RoboticsNAGr 6-7Gr 4-5Gr 2-3Gr 1
ChoirPPNAGr 1-3NAGr 4-7
Art ExplorationNAGr 5-7Gr 2-4PP-Gr 1NA
GymnasticsGr 4-7PP-Gr 3PP-Gr 3NANA
BasketballPPGr 1Gr 2-3Gr 6-7Gr 4-5
Soccer Development SquadGr 5-7Gr 2-4PP-Gr 1NANA
Learn-to-SwimPP-Gr 1PP-Gr 1Gr 2-3Gr 4-7Gr 4-7
Drama/Music ProductionNAGr 2-7Gr 2-7Gr 2-7NA
Debate TeamNANAGr 5-7NANA
Chess ClubNAGr 4-7NANANA
Hip HopNANAPP-Gr 2Gr 3-4Gr 5-7
SpanishNAGr 2-4NAGr 5-7NA
Chinese CalligraphyNAPP-Gr 2Gr 3-7NANA
Chinese Arts & CraftsNANANAGr 2-4PP-Gr 1
Public Speaking MandarinNAGr 4-7NANANA
3 D PrintingGr 5-7NANANANA

1. Fencing with Olympic Coach

Taught by Hong Kong’s first and only two-time Olympic Fencer Coach Lau Kwok Kin, this activity introduces children the basic of foil fencing through a series of activities and games, gradually building skills into a competitive training regime.

The program is a structured 4-Level curriculum with classes offered from foundation level to elite level depends on the background and age  of the students. Headcoach oversees a fun, systemetic and professional fencing curriculum with a structured development pathway for all our students.

Fencing can benefit children on many levels, both physically and mentally through enhancing their confidence, social skills, discipline and concentration for classroom success. Coach Kin holds more than 25 years of experience in competitive and professional coaching in the sport, and he is experienced in developing students’ physical, technical, and tactical skills, all the while instilling confidence and enjoyment.

2. Ballet (Vaganova Method)

Pre-Primary to Grade 2: This group incorporates floor work to develop strength and flexibility, the basic ballet concepts of arm and leg positions and across the floor to develop balance, rhythm, musicality and coordination. The class also encourages freedom of expression and imagination.

Grade 3 to Grade 4: This age group is preparing for the Vaganova system. There is both floor and barre work involved. There are also a lot of stretching exercises on the floor, building muscles for the core and back. There are exercises for coordination and ability to hear music. Students at this level focus on building their dance vocabulary and memory of steps, combinations and performance pieces.

Grade 5 to Grade 7: This age group studies Year One of the Vaganova Program. There is both floor and barre work involved. There are also a lot of stretching exercises on the floor, building muscles for the core and back. There are exercises for coordination and ability to hear music. There are exercises ‘face to the barre’ according to the First Year of the Vaganova Program. There are also exercises on the centre building balance and also jumps on the centre. Students at this level focus on building their dance vocabulary and memory of steps, combinations and performance pieces.

3. First Code Academy

"Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think." – Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

Pre-Primary - ScratchJr: Tinker with Code (ScratchJr)
The ScratchJr course introduces coding fundamentals and concepts to young imaginative minds. Sometimes referred to as the post-iPad generation, young children born in this generation have gained proficiency and comfort in smartphones and tablets at an early age. ScratchJr is an innovative, new iPad app that teaches blocks-based programming, developed in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab. Students start with basic commands including moving sprites forward and turning left/right, then building their own fun stories and characters through sequences, loops, conditionals. Students are encouraged to construct creative games and detail the steps to bring their imagination to reality.

Grade 1 to Grade 3 - Start from Scratch: Animations & Games
Designed for young imaginative minds, the Scratch 101 course uses Scratch, a block-based programming tool developed by the MIT Media Lab, to give young students hands-on first try on programming. Students learn key computer science concepts such as sequences, loops, conditionals and abstraction by building their own fun projects of animated stories and multimedia games. Students are encouraged and supported by professionally trained instructors to design creative games and to think about the programming processes behind the apps and games they see in daily lives.

Grade 4 to Grade 7 - AppJamming: Make Your Own App!
This course aims to empower students through teaching them problem-solving using technology. From introducing fundamental computer science concepts, applying Design Thinking process to utilizing AppInventor as a language, we guide students to apply problem-solving skills to their daily lives. Adapting a curriculum used in Silicon Valley, we cover user¬-centric design and mobile app development. Students receive personal guidance from our professional trained instructors in thinking through algorithms, decomposing problems and formulating multiple solutions.

4. Innovation

Stamford’s Innovation CCA will inspire, engage and allow every child to use their imagination and turn their vision into reality. We challenge students to ask questions, make observations and gather information about a situation that could be forecasted in the future that can be solved through new ways of thinking. Get hands-on experience in turning your ideas into reality by planning and carrying out fair tests in which variables are controlled and failure points are considered to identify aspects of a model or prototype that can be improved.

5. Robotics

Explore the wonders of science, programming and technology through robotics. Children in this CCA will enjoy brainstorming, building and experimenting with amazing robots, including Bee-Bot and Stamford’s own amazing Leo (Nao Robot)!

6. Gymnastics with The Little Gym of Hong Kong

Flip, twist, tumble and somersault! Who doesn't like to see their child be active, confident and healthy? Stamford’s gymnastics CCA teaches children physical literacy, a combination of fundamental movement patterns and foundational sports skills. Strength and flexibility training is included as well as hand-eye and foot-eye coordination while having as much fun as possible. With these skills, children will have a strong foundation to explore and enjoy different sports and physical activities, keeping them active and healthy for life. Gymnastics also helps develop social skills and teaches teamwork – all essential in succeeding in and out the gym.

7. Soccer

This comprehensive soccer CCA program aims to motivate and develop the skills of young soccer players through a unique training and education methodology supervised by a professional team led by MWM Sports. The CCA will introduce students to key skills of the sport including dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense. As students’ technique progresses, they will be trained to enjoy small sided competitive games.

8. Choir

Pre-Primary to Grade 3: Choir is a wonderful way to expose young people to great music, ensemble etiquette, teamwork and many cultures. This Choir requires no audition and all are welcome! Young children love to express themselves in all kinds of ways including through musical performance. Singing is a natural and enjoyable way to show your creativity and develop your talents. We will rehearse and perform quality, multicultural literature with the emphasis on good technique, increased confidence, musical expression and beginner part-singing. Enthusiasm, open-mindedness and focus are most welcome! This Choir will be featured in a performance this semester.

Grade 4 to Grade 7: Choir for Grades 4 to 7 is open to all! This Choir requires no audition and students need no prior experience to join. We will work quickly and with focus. Students who have an interest in singing great literature and working with others who enjoy doing the same are encouraged to participate. This is a wonderful opportunity to work as an ensemble and to gain valuable performance experience. The emphasis of this Choir is to perform, with increasing sophistication, quality pieces from a variety of time periods and cultures. Students will be expected to show progress in their pitch matching, rhythmic accuracy, vocal technique, independence in part-singing and ensemble attitude. Some pieces will require choreography and movement. This Choir will be featured in a performance this semester.

9. 3D Printing

We will be using the NEW workspace to explore 3D design with 3D printing, the perfect intersection where creativity meets technology! By working through a series of very familiar 3D objects, students will be able to build up their skillse and create their own 3D models, which can also be 3D printed.

In this workshop, the children will:

  • Learn 3D design skills including 3D navigation, rotation, extrusions and much more
  • Understand how 3D printers work
  • Develop spatial training, spark creativity and digital modeling competency
  • Design their own themed objects for birthday gifts, parent anniversaries, etc
  • Print and take home their designs.

10. Learn to Swim with Stanford Swim

Established in 1998, Stanford Swim School (“Stanford”) is the largest in Hong Kong and very first to be awarded with international professional recognition. Stanford also set up its branch schools in Australia (Sydney and Brisbane) starting from 2009. Currently, Stanford is managing 31 swimming pools internationally, including 24 schools in Hong Kong, 7 schools in Australia (Brisbane and Sydney). Since its establishment, Stanford currently has acquired over 10,000 students per week and receives high opinions from parents. “Bringing Healthy, Happiness and Confidence to Every Child!” Stanford strives to explore an effective swimming coaching method with an aim to inspire children swim as a healthy sport. Stanford designed the course based on the learning needs and effectiveness for children which gained recognition both locally and internationally. Stanford was awarded the professional certification of AUSTSWIM. Stanford modified its course by including AUSTSWIM content top-up. “Stanford Path”, founded by Stanford, was awarded patent by the Intellectual Property Department of HKSAR. “Stanford Path” establishes an innovative and structured program for children swimming learning. Furthermore, Stanford is the sole Hong Kong swimming school that has been awarded ISO9001:2008 international quality certification.

11.Chinese calligraphy CCA

Calligraphy is an important component of Chinese Art; the presentation of the characters is more figurative. Students will learn the basics set of rules including (dot, horizontal stroke, falling stroke, vertical stroke, hook, etc.) Students learn the rules of the combination of Chinese characters and ways to vary the combinations to create beautiful art while also allowing themselves to express themselves.

12. Chinese Public Speaking CCA

Chinese Public Speaking is designed for students of all grade levels. We will select different texts for different age groups: Pre-primary and lower elementary students will focus on practicing rhymes and stories; Higher elementary and middle school students will recite texts like essays and poems. We will emphasize the pronunciation of words, phrases and sentences, analyze the appropriate pauses and stresses in an article, as well as share memorization and performing strategies. We also hope to hold a few Chinese public speaking competitions or performances, where students can have more opportunities to show their achievements.

13. Chinese Arts & Crafts

This class is offered to students from grade 1-2 students, who are interested in using colorful paper, thread, watercolor crayons, scissors, glue, and all the other stuff that might need during the sessions to do Chinese paper cut, make Chinese drama mask, Chinese not, etc. The language of the instruction will be Chinese.

14. Drama Production

The Drama production, will be an auditioned play for elementary students. Auditions will take place January 29th-February 2nd. Audition expectations, cast size and rehearsal schedule, will be shared on MyStamford. Students will have the opportunity to audition for a production that they will perform in May. Students will be able to increase their risk taking, confidence and collaboration skills. They will perform in front of an audience, developing a character and projecting their voices, using their body language and singing skills. By taking part in rehearsals, students will demonstrate their commitment and creativity by working together to produce a show. We hope to see many of our students joining this exciting opportunity.

15. Basketball

Our basketball CCA gives children the opportunity to develop and perfect their dribbling, passing and shooting skills. Not only will students learn the importance of teamwork and the fundamentals of basketball, but they will also develop a better understanding of the game and grow their self-confidence on the court.

By the end of this CCA, we will be aiming to have some of our older students compete against other International Schools and local basketball teams in Hong Kong in some friendly basketball matches.

16. Hip Hop Move Dance Class

Hip Hop move is focused primarily on street dancing and is a challenging class for students who want to push themselves to new limits. The classes are high energy and will teach the basics of hip hop while allowing students to express themselves in their own way in a positive and safe environment. Students will leave this class with a new set of hip hop dance skills and increased confidence in their own dance abilities.

17. Art Exploration

Students will participate in fun and interesting art lessons as well as activities centered around various forms of art. Through the use of different art materials, students will develop their technical skills, take creative risks, solve problems, express themselves, and explore their creativity. They will have the opportunity to respond to their peers’ artwork, other artist’s works, as well as their own, and make connections to inform their thinking and find inspiration. Students will be encouraged to use their imagination and be inquirers in this expressive and engaging after school art class!

18. Debate Club

The Debate club helps you improve your public speaking skills, learn about political affairs and connect with other like-minded students. Because this is the first time being offered here at Stamford, we’ll begin by looking at different debate formats and practicing the basics of good public speaking before moving on to competitive debate situations. By the end of the semester, we’ll aim to conduct a mock Congress format by speaking on student-sponsored “legislation.”

19. Spanish Club

Hola, do you miss having extra help with your Spanish homework?

Would you like to get the chance to ask directly all the questions and doubts you have in Spanish? If you want to reinforce your Spanish and follow daily lessons independently, come and join us! In the Spanish Club, you will find a space to work on your homework and get support to help improve your use of the Spanish language

.20. Chess Club

The Chess club is designed for students to learn the basics of chess and for those more advanced in chess to learn new strategies to improve their overall game. The students will play games of chess during the class as well as receive coaching. Students will be encouraged to participate in Chess tournaments at a later date.