For Stamford Families:
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For Stamford Families:
For Admissions:


Stamford American School is located at 25 Man Fuk Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon. There are no parking spaces on campus and we expect traffic congestion during peak hours. We therefore strongly encourage families to arrive at school either by walking, public transportation or using our school bus service. Students who are enrolled in bus service, walk or take public transportation are entered into a monthly lucky draw and also have the chance to participate in free morning activities. Limited private car passes will be issued upon approval by the transportatio committee in order to enure minima disruption to our local community members. A shuttle bus service will be available to transport students from Ho Man Tin MTR to the school. 

Bus Transport Company

To ensure that students are able to conveniently travel between their homes and school, Stamford has engaged the professional service of transport company Castle Brothers Ltd to meet all of our school's transportation needs.

Apply for Bus Transport

Use of the school bus transport is subject to availability. To apply for the bus transport service, please send the following documents to Castle Brothers at this postal address: P.O. Box 24368 Aberdeen Post Office, Hong Kong.

  • A completed Bus Registration Form >

  • A passport size photo of your child (for bus pass creation)

  • A crossed cheque payable to 'Castle Brothers Ltd.'

For additional information on the bus service, please contact Castle Brothers at

Bus Routes & Fees

Castle Brothers will provide door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service where possible for the morning and after school buses. Students will board and alight from the bus at pre-designated points. A shuttle bus service is also available at 7:20am to transport students from the Ho Man Tin MTR station to the school. Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) buses will drop students off at limited central points and taking the CCA bus will incur an additional cost. Pricing is distance-based and the full price list can be found here. Paid bus fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Buses will arrive at school between 7:05am to 7:15am every morning. Departing buses after class will leave campus at 3pm. Buses for students taking co-curricular activities (CCA) are also available and will depart from school at 4:10pm. As a rule of thumb, students residing closest to the school will be picked up later, while those residing further will be picked up earlier. However, to optimize time-distance efficiency, the order of pick-up and drop-off points is also dependent on other factors such as peak-hour traffic conditions and traffic rules. Please refer to the school bus schedules for specific pick-up and drop-off points and times:

Bus Pass and Guidelines

All students taking the school bus will receive a bus pass. For safety purposes, parents and/or guardians will also receive a bus pass and are required to wear and present their bus pass when picking up their children during after school drop-off (for families with children in Pre-Primary to Grade 5 only). Students, parents and guardians are also expected to read and follow the relevant Bus Guidelines.

When To Contact the Bus Company

Please contact Castle Brothers (Tel: 2555-2088 / 9032-7434) in the following situations:

  • Changes to morning bus schedule: i.e. extended holidays, or if your child is sick and will not ride the morning and/or afternoon bus

  • Payment queries and/or cancellation of service

  • Address change and/or change of phone number

  • New bus application inquiry and pick up timings

  • Delay and/or failure to drop off child at designated time

Arrival by Public Transport / Walking

If your child is not taking the school bus, the earliest time children can be dropped off at the school in the morning is 7.15am. As parking is not available at our school, families should arrive at Stamford by public transport or by walking. A shuttle bus service is available to transport students from Ho Man Tin MTR to the school in the morning. Teachers, staff, parents and students arriving on foot or by public transport must walk along pedestrian paths leading to and from the school entrance. Click here to see a full list of public transport options.

Parking Near Campus

Parking is not available on campus. There are limited metered public parking spaces along Man Fuk Road and Man Wan Road. If you are driving, please park at one of these public parking spaces and ensure your child can walk safely to the school entrance.