Outdoor Education Program

All students participate in the Outdoor Education Program that comes to life through sequenced and challenging experiences that expose our students to a wide range of age-appropriate technical skills in outdoor pursuits. Students embark on one to two excursions each semester, including visits to local ecological parks, beaches, and mountain trails. Students learn a deeper appreciation for nature and participate in various planned activities such as science scavenger hunts and wildlife/nature cataloging interactive games. This program not only challenges children outside of the classroom but develops the foundational skills for the Outdoor Education Camps.

Exciting experiences amongst Hong Kong's varied landscape include:

  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • camping
  • rock climbing
  • orienteering
  • outdoor cooking
  • stand up paddle boarding and more!

Goals and success are determined by the individual and group. For example, simply putting on a climbing harness might be challenging for one student, whereas another might choose to climb blindfolded. No challenge is “too big”; students learn and develop through a pattern of encountering and overcoming.


Outdoor Education Camps

In addition to short outdoor excursions each semester, all students in grades 3-10 participate in outdoor education camps organized by the school. The aim of these 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-day outdoor camps is to provide a model of holistic, field-based learning to develop leaders who are ecologically literate, compassionate, and engaged global citizens. Research shows that well-designed, field-based experiences can produce knowledge that transfers from the field to students’ home environments. Through immersive and engaging field study experiences, students develop leadership traits, compassion for others, and communication skills useful in today’s world.

Students in grades 3-8 explore the Hong Kong area, and students in grades nine and above have opportunities to travel to international destinations.

Watch Our Outdoor Education in Action

  • Our Camp Experience
    Watch Stamford American School Hong Kong's outdoor education camp experience to develop life-skills and confidence outside of the classroom.
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  • Outdoor Education at Stamford
    All students experience outdoor excursions each semester, see our lower primary (PP-Gr 2) students exploring nature and pushing their boundaries.
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