October Events and Webinars

Oct 13, 2022 (4-5 PM)

Learn about Our Bilingual Program Webinar

Stamford’s bilingual program is a wonderful opportunity for students to achieve fluency in both English and Mandarin while experiencing the full Stamford curriculum. Sign up for our upcoming webinars to learn more about this amazing program and our Bilingual team!

Oct 22, 2022 (9AM -12PM)

Stamford Open Day

Join us for a fun Open Day on Saturday, October 22, from 9 am to 12 pm to tour our excellent facilities and learn how our innovative approach to learning will inspire your child from our faculty.

Oct 27, 2022 (4-5 PM)

Why the IB?

With so many curriculum choices, choosing the right option for your child is often difficult. Dean of Academics Mr. Galligan and Secondary School Principal Teresa Foard will host this short informative webinar with live Q&A to help you understand the benefits of the IB and why IB students tend to go to university at higher rates, more selective universities, and perform better once there.

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