At Stamford our focus is whole child development that prepares our children for tomorrow's world. Our standards based curriculum is delivered with an inquiry based approach with a focus on innovation.  Our students have daily modern language lessons (Spanish or Mandarin), English and Math. Beyond the core subjects students have multiple periods of  STEMinn (Science, Technology, Math and Innovation), the arts (Drama and Visual Arts) and Physical Education (PE). All students also have a weekly second step lesson to develop social-emotional skills and an assembly to build community and also share their work. Our middle school students extend their knowledge and criticial thinking skills in individuals and societies (history, geography) to expand their horizons and prepare them for the challenges of high school.

All of our students also have the opportunity to enroll in one of over 30 co-curricular actvities from 3:00-4:00pm from Monday to Friday.

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A Typical Lower Elementary Schedule


A Typical Lower Elementary Day

Math Enrichment

Math Enrichment offers students the opportunity to explore math concepts using hands on, tangible experiences. Through games, such as WAR using UNO cards, children can learn to compare numerals and understand value. Creating mattresses using paper and craft materials, after reading the story, The Princess and the Pea, offers children the opportunity to measure [the mattress] using non-standard units. Baking a cake is an excellent way to learn about volume. Position terminology (under, over, behind, in front etc...) can be learned while dancing and singing to the song, Going On a Bear Hunt. Addition and Subtraction can be explored through a class collection of Pokemon cards, playing Monopoly, or by solving number clues during a scavenger hunt around the school. Pre-Primary is a grade level full of enthusiasm for learning, and we do our best to foster that inherent desire to learn, using fun, memorable, experiences as they tie into our math curriculum. 

A Typical Middle School Schedule


A Typical Middle School Day


"We use more technology than paper" Nicholas, age 8

"All the teachers are very nice" Willa, age 8