English as an Additional Language (EAL) & Accelerated Language Program (ALP)

As part of our personalized learning approach, Stamford provides a range of English as an Additional Language (EAL) support for families looking for high-quality international education with children who are still developing English language skills. Students benefit from an academically rigorous standards-based curriculum, inquiry-based learning approach with progressive STEMinn education while being supported to acquire the English language skills they need to succeed. Spaces for students requiring EAL support are limited so that students can practice and improve their language skills with their peers in a rich English-speaking environment in addition to teacher support. At Stamford, we want to help every student to exceed the growth they thought possible. Our experienced faculty nurture students to exceed their growth targets by having the language support to access our curriculum fully including the IBDP.

Stamford offers two EAL programs for students:

Mainstream EAL Program

EAL in the mainstream enables English language learners to develop their language skills in an immersive English environment. Students will receive a support plan based on their individual language needs. Support may come from their homeroom teacher or EAL teachers assisting in key class sessions or working with students in small groups to develop literacy skills outside of the mainstream class. Alongside this, daily Spanish and Mandarin classes expand students’ linguistic horizons, preparing them for the global nature of the 21st Century.

Accelerated Language Program 

The Accelerated Language Program (ALP) is for children who have little to no proficiency in the English language. The ALP program follows the same curriculum as the mainstream, but students receive intensive support in small groups outside of the mainstream classroom. Students will still work alongside their peers in several classes to fully integrate into the mainstream class without sacrificing the support they need. Students will develop targeted language skills while being supported to access the curriculum. The students in this stream typically graduate to mainstream classes within one academic year, continuing to receive support moving forward as needed. This program only accepts a small number of students each year, so we recommend applying early!

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