Online Application for Pre-Primary to Grade 9

As we offer admissions on a rolling basis, so students can start school any time during the academic year if space is available in their grade. Admissions meetings are available by appointment only. Please note that classes are only offered for Pre-Primary to Grade 9 in the 2019-2020 academic year and add grade 10 through 12 in the following academic year(s).

We accept mid-year school entry, please contact us to check the available places in your child's grade. Whether you are relocating or switching schools within Hong Kong, we will do our best to help your family make a smooth transition into our community.


Prospective students need to submit an online application form (see below for instructions) and all required documents (linked below). To submit an application, click the red button below. Each application is reviewed individually and independently. Application and admission fees are currently waived.


Once the required forms and documents are submitted, the Admissions Team and the Stamford American School's Review Committee will review the application file. An age-appropriate assessment will be scheduled for your child.
For overseas applicants: If a face-to-face assessment is not possible, we may arrange an online assessment via Skype. Overseas applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


The application will be reviewed by Stamford's Review Committee. Families will then be notified by email of the outcome within 7 days after the assessment. When a place is offered, the Deposit must be paid within 7 calendar days after the receipt of the acceptance letter. If the Deposit is not received within the said period of time, priority will be given to other applicants. Before students start, they must also complete a Medical Form and hold a valid Hong Kong visa to be eligible for a place at Stamford American School Hong Kong. A visitor visa does not entitle the holder to attend any school in Hong Kong.


Download a list of required documents.
If you require assistance with the online application, please contact the Admissions Office on +852 2500 8688.