Online Application Process

We offer admissions on a rolling basis, so students can start school any time during the academic year if space is available in their grade. Please note that classes are only offered from Pre-Primary to Grade 11 in the 2021/22 academic year and we will offer Pre-Primary to Grade 12 in 2022/23. We are a through-train school, and once your child enrolls at Stamford, they can attend until the graduation - no need to reapply.

As an IBO World School, Stamford delivers an inclusive admissions process that considers each child's unique talents and abilities. Our curriculum is personalized to support a range of skills, and children are nurtured by our expert faculty, including a wide range of specialists, including EAL and student support. We look forward to getting to know your family and child better during the application process to discover how we can help your child achieve their highest potential to access a world of possibilities through our three graduating pathways, including the IBDP.

Immediate Entry

We are accepting applications for the 2021-22 academic year (subject to space availability) Applications will be considered in priority by the order they have been received as well as other admissions priority criteria. (see priority listing below) Mid-year entry applications will be assessed ASAP and offers made within a week.

2022/2023 Entry

Applications will be considered in priority by the order they have been received as well as other admissions priority criteria. Offers of admissions will be made soon after asssessment, families have 14 days to confirm offers of admissions.

Future Year of Entry Applications

Parents may apply for future years of entry at any time and will receive application priority over later applicants. Applications will be kept on file and families will be contacted in September for the next steps ie. 2023/24 applicants will be contacted in September 2022

Whether you are relocating or switching schools within Hong Kong, we will do our best to help your family make a smooth transition into our community.

Application and assessment fees are currently waived.

To inquire about availability or information about Stamford, please contact the Admissions Team at +852 2500 8688

Or contact us on or

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Online Application Process

Complete the Online Application Form

Fill in the information on the online application form.

Upload the child's birth certificate and most recent school report.

Ensure you tick the box for 'Parent Statement' and click 'Submit Form'.

Wait Pool

If a place is not available at the time you wish to join, your child’s name will be placed in the wait pool and you will be notified as soon as a vacancy is anticipated. Please notify the Admissions Office of any changes of contact details.

Admissions Priority

Stamford gives admissions priority in the following circumstances:
(a) Child nominated by Platinum Corporate Debenture
(b) Child nominated by Standard Plus Corporate Debenture
(c) Child nominated by Standard Corporate Debenture
(d) Child nominated by Individual Debenture
(e) Siblings of existing students attending Stamford
(f) U.S. citizens
(g) Students who have attended other Cognita schools including Woodland
(h) All others

Specialized Support Program

Stamford offers a Specialized Support Program for students who require support for learning differences. The needs of eligible students will be assessed on an individual basis, and parents should discuss their situation with the Admissions Office prior to making an application for enrollment.

Personal Data Collection Statement: By submitting an application, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted Stamford’s Personal Data Collection Statement.

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We look forward to receiving your application. If at any point in the process you have questions, please feel free to contact us at (852) 2500 8688.

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