3-Step Admissions Process

We offer admissions on a rolling basis, so students can start school any time during the academic year (mid-year) if space is available in their grade. Please note that classes are only offered from Pre-Primary to Grade 9 in the 2019-2020 academic year and add grade 10 through 12 in the following academic year(s).
Whether you are relocating or switching schools within Hong Kong, we will do our best to help your family make a smooth transition into our community.

Application and assessment fees are currently waived.


Prospective students need to submit an online application form (see below for instructions) and all required documents (listed below). To submit an online application, click the "apply now" button below. Each application is reviewed individually and independently.


Once the required forms and documents are submitted, the Admissions Team and the Stamford American School's Review Committee will review the application file. An age-appropriate assessment will be scheduled for your child.

For overseas applicants: If a face-to-face assessment is not possible, we may arrange an online assessment via Skype. Overseas applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


The application will be reviewed by Stamford's Review Committee. Families will then be notified by email of the outcome within 7 days after the assessment. When a place is offered, the Deposit must be paid within 7 calendar days after the receipt of the acceptance letter. If the Deposit is not received within the said period of time, priority will be given to other applicants. Before students start, they must also complete a Medical Form and hold a valid Hong Kong visa to be eligible for a place at Stamford American School Hong Kong. A visitor visa does not entitle the holder to attend any school in Hong Kong.

Online Application Process

Our online application is the first part of our admissions process and is aimed at creating the greatest convenience for interested families to apply for admission to Stamford. The online application should take about 10 minutes to complete. You may save your application at any time and return to complete it later by clicking the “Save” button.

To ensure the greatest chance of acceptance to Stamford, we recommend you to submit the full application as soon as possible. All forms and documents must be received before the application can be reviewed for admission. If at any point in the process you have questions, please feel free to contact us at +852 2500 8688. 

First Time Users:

To start a new application, you will need to create an account to access our online application form. This one-time registration and will only take a few minutes. After registration, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to set your password and create a new account. Once done, you can log in and start your application(s). 

For Returning Users:

To continue an existing application, please login to your account to continue on an application and/or upload documents.

List of Required Documents:

  • Completed Mandarin/English Bilingual Form for 2019/2020 (if applicable)*
  • Completed Mandarin/English Bilingual Form for 2020/2021 (if applicable)*
  • 1 passport size applicant's photo*
  • Photocopy of applicant’s Birth Certificate*
  • Photocopy of applicant’s Passport* (personal information page only)
  • Photocopy of applicant's Hong Kong Visa
  • Photocopy of applicant's Hong Kong Identity Card (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of Parents' Passport* (personal information page only)
  • Photocopy of Parents' Hong Kong Visa
  • Photocopy of Parents' Hong Kong Identity Card (if applicable)
  • Student Questionnaire (Grade 6-8 only)
  • Teacher's Recommendation (using Stamford's Teacher Recommendation Form)
  • Official transcripts or report cards for the current year and two years prior to current grade level (reports must be translated into English)*

*Required at the time of online application.

Wait Pool

If a place is not available at the time you wish to join, your child’s name will be placed in the wait pool and you will be notified as soon as a vacancy is anticipated. Please notify the Admissions Office of any changes of contact details.

Admissions Priority

Stamford gives admissions priority in the following circumstances:
(a) Child nominated by Platinum Corporate Debenture
(b) Child nominated by Standard Plus Corporate Debenture
(c) Child nominated by Standard Corporate Debenture
(d) Child nominated by Individual Debenture
(e) Siblings of existing students attending Stamford
(f) U.S. citizens
(g) Students who have attended other Cognita schools
(h) All others

#Personal Data Collection Statement: By submitting an application, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted Stamford’s Personal Data Collection Statement.

Specialized Support Program

Stamford offers a Specialized Support Program for students who require support for learning differences. The needs of eligible students will be assessed on an individual basis, and parents should discuss their situation with the Admissions Office prior to making an application for enrollment.