24 March 2020

Online Learning: A Day in the Life of a Secondary Student

It is an extraordinary time to be a student. As the school suspension continues until after Spring Break at the earliest, teachers, students, and parents have adapted their daily routines to accommodate home learning activities. Stamford American School Hong Kong, a leader in educational technology, particularly in the...

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16 March 2020

Online Learning: A Day in the Life of an Elementary Student

What is it like to be a student learning online at home? Stamford's Grade 2 student, Ary shares her experiences. [Read More]
11 March 2020

Family-friendly art activities

During this month of online learning, it is important for students to take a break away from screen time to express themselves and their creativity through Visual Arts. [Read More]
9 March 2020

A Virtual First Day of School Amidst the Covid-19 School Closures

“We are lucky that our son joined Stamford and is receiving this level of contact and support from his teachers. It is a busy time for us as parents however it is also an opportunity for us to learn about the curriculum and how teaching and learning take place,” said Ms. C. [Read More]
4 March 2020

Learning a second language at home

Learning a second language at home is a challenge for both students and their parents. Our Head of Modern Languages, Ms. Qian Wang shared these expert tips on supporting your child’s language learning at home. [Read More]
4 March 2020

Play-based Music for Elementary Students at Home

Head of Arts at Stamford American School Hong Kong, Ms. Tina Bachelder-Schwab has some new tunes for you to enjoy at home. So gather your household items, and get up and have some fun! [Read More]
2 March 2020

5 tips for helping English Language Learners at home

Ms. Monica Williams, Stamford's EAL Team Leader with many years of experience as an English as a Second Language teacher, has 5 tips for families to support their child’s English language development at home. [Read More]