7 May 2021

Staying in Hong Kong this Summer? Camp Asia to the Rescue!

Award-winning Camp Asia is coming to Hong Kong for the summer to ensure boredom is not an option. The Camp Asia program caters for children from four-16 years old and runs from 9 am until 12 pm each day. With 13 camp options, there is something for everyone! [Read More]
18 September 2020

Why Well-Being?

The topic of well-being has extended beyond popular culture and into schools, but why is well-being important for our children? Learn more about how a focus on well-being helps develop children into resilient adults and how Stamford Hong Kong and Cognita are embedding and celebrating well-being as part of school cult...

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14 February 2020

Staying Active and Healthy at Home

Regular physical activity has immense benefits particularly for health and mental well-being. As we believe that happy and healthy children learn best, our PE Coordinator, Mr Lee McQuade will share some important ways to keep our bodies and minds active and healthy at home. [Read More]
7 February 2020

Counselor’s Corner: Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others

It is also important to recognize that sometimes self-care is not enough, and we need to seek extra support from a mental health professional. How can you tell that your “oxygen level” is too low? Here is some information that might help you recognize that it’s time to reach out! [Read More]
18 November 2019

Counselor’s Corner: It’s Good to Talk

Students are much more stressed out than we sometimes realize. In a recent study, The American Psychological Association stated that 20% of children report that “they worry a great deal or a lot,” yet only 3% of parents rate their child’s stress as extreme. [Read More]
28 October 2019

Counselor’s Corner: Healthy Lifestyle

Developing children and young people require adequate nutrition to fuel crucial brain development alongside their daily energy needs. In addition to eating healthy balanced meals, children need to be physically active promoting physical, mental health and wellbeing and preventing childhood obesity and associated dis...

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4 October 2019

Stamford Hong Kong Celebrated First-ever Cognita’s Global “Be Well Day”

What does a whole-school wellbeing day look like? A fantastic day of mindfulness, arts and exercise, and team-building activities it is! Stamford American School Hong Kong today collaborated with over 70 schools around the world to celebrate the Global “Be Well Day” that was initiated by the Cognita schools group. ...

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27 September 2019

Counselor’s Corner: Self-Care September

Well-being is defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. It includes feeling socially connected and experiencing a sense of meaning and purpose. [Read More]
24 January 2019

The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

It's critical for children to lead a healthy lifestyle, including eating nutritious meals as well as getting plenty of exercises and adequate sleep every day. These positive health habits will help children grow strong, stay healthy, and decrease the likelihood that they will become obese. Experienced physical and heal...

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29 August 2018

Moving to Hong Kong:Tips from Stamford's Admission Experts

Moving to Hong Kong is often exciting and scary for newcomers, here are a few tips from our admissions experts about looking for schools as well as some basics about where to live and how to get around. If you are new to Hong Kong or considering moving here, this is a must-read. [Read More]