16 June 2020

Demystifying Language Teaching

Every teacher once was a student, and it is fascinating to see how their unique learning experiences shaped their philosophy as a teacher. Our Head of Modern Languages, Ms. Qian Wang opens up about her background and how it inspired her in designing the one-of-a-kind language program that we have at Stamford. [Read More]
16 June 2020

Defining STEM Education

STEM has become a buzzword in the education world, but at Stamford, it is part of our learning culture. Stamford’s STEMinn Co-ordinator, Ms. Linda Cheung, shares why STEM education is critical to access the jobs of the future and how her own journey as an educator has led her to passionately define the STEMinn app...

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15 June 2020

Counselor's Corner- School's Out

Ah! Summertime. A glorious period of camping and bonfires, swimming and boating, sleeping until noon and doing nothing… Yes, summertime is a vacation; a break, but how can you balance the freedom of summer and prevent the summer slide? [Read More]
15 June 2020

Reforming Education with Technologies

The subject of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) underwent a tremendous transformation in the past decade. ICT educators have come a long way from conducting classes in “computer labs”, and are now revolutionizing schools with new mediums as well as a new mindset to teach and learn. Our Education Te...

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5 June 2020

Inspire Your Child to Become Motivated Learner

If you are struggling because you think your child is not motivated to do their work, know that you are not alone. Your child is not lazy or dysfunctional. They have just lost their sense of control. Continue reading to see how you can inspire your child. [Read More]
27 May 2020

From Data To Differentiated Classroom Strategies

Literacy is the backbone of education, and mastering reading skills from a young age is fundamental in achieving higher academic performance across disciplines. Therefore, it is essential that schools have a clear framework in place to develop students’ literacy and a system to measure success. [Read More]
26 May 2020

Bilingual Program: Learning Beyond the Language

The Bilingual Program at Stamford American School Hong Kong develops communication skills in both English and Mandarin across the curriculum. This stream uses a 60/40 (English/Mandarin) immersion model using simplified Chinese characters similar to the curriculum in Stamford Singapore. Taught using a unique one-teacher...

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8 May 2020

Counselor’s Corner - Understanding Manners

This week, Ms. Divina Ancheta, our Behavior Interventionist, shares methods for parents to encourage your child to learn manners. [Read More]
6 April 2020

Secondary curriculum: American standards to the IBDP—how does it work?

Not all International Baccalaureate (IB) schools offer the PYP (primary years) or MYP (middle years) frameworks—some choose to provide only the IB’s Diploma Programme (DP) as an option for their older students. American standards to the IBDP—how does it work? [Read More]
24 March 2020

Online Learning: A Day in the Life of a Secondary Student

It is an extraordinary time to be a student. As the school suspension continues until after Spring Break at the earliest, teachers, students, and parents have adapted their daily routines to accommodate home learning activities. Stamford American School Hong Kong, a leader in educational technology, particularly in the...

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16 March 2020

Online Learning: A Day in the Life of an Elementary Student

What is it like to be a student learning online at home? Stamford's Grade 2 student, Ary shares her experiences. [Read More]
11 March 2020

Family-friendly art activities

During this month of online learning, it is important for students to take a break away from screen time to express themselves and their creativity through Visual Arts. [Read More]
9 March 2020

A Virtual First Day of School Amidst the Covid-19 School Closures

“We are lucky that our son joined Stamford and is receiving this level of contact and support from his teachers. It is a busy time for us as parents however it is also an opportunity for us to learn about the curriculum and how teaching and learning take place,” said Ms. C. [Read More]
4 March 2020

Learning a second language at home

Learning a second language at home is a challenge for both students and their parents. Our Head of Modern Languages, Ms. Qian Wang shared these expert tips on supporting your child’s language learning at home. [Read More]
4 March 2020

Play-based Music for Elementary Students at Home

Head of Arts at Stamford American School Hong Kong, Ms. Tina Bachelder-Schwab has some new tunes for you to enjoy at home. So gather your household items, and get up and have some fun! [Read More]