16 June 2020

Demystifying Language Teaching

Every teacher once was a student, and it is fascinating to see how their unique learning experiences shaped their philosophy as a teacher. Our Head of Modern Languages, Ms. Qian Wang opens up about her background and how it inspired her in designing the one-of-a-kind language program that we have at Stamford. [Read More]
16 June 2020

Defining STEM Education

STEM has become a buzzword in the education world, but at Stamford, it is part of our learning culture. Stamford’s STEMinn Co-ordinator, Ms. Linda Cheung, shares why STEM education is critical to access the jobs of the future and how her own journey as an educator has led her to passionately define the STEMinn app...

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15 June 2020

Reforming Education with Technologies

The subject of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) underwent a tremendous transformation in the past decade. ICT educators have come a long way from conducting classes in “computer labs”, and are now revolutionizing schools with new mediums as well as a new mindset to teach and learn. Our Education Te...

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27 May 2020

From Data To Differentiated Classroom Strategies

Literacy is the backbone of education, and mastering reading skills from a young age is fundamental in achieving higher academic performance across disciplines. Therefore, it is essential that schools have a clear framework in place to develop students’ literacy and a system to measure success. [Read More]
24 January 2020

CNY Celebration 2020

What an impressive CNY Celebration we had at Stamford HK! For two days, our entire community gathered in our 10,000 sq ft arena to enjoy spectacular performances such as kung fu show and Chinese folk dance. [Read More]
29 November 2019

Creating a culture

When a typhoon put one school’s classrooms out of bounds, the leadership team instead focused on creating a culture, says Karrie Dietz. [Read More]
19 September 2019

Experience Stamford American School: Open Day Oct 12

Experience a taste of what we have to offer for your child on October 12th, 10am-1pm. This fun-filled morning will allow your child to get creative in STEM workshops with MakerBay or drop by our Innovation Center. [Read More]
6 June 2019

Pre-Primary Spaces still available for August 2019 Intake

Grade 1 spaces are currently full at Stamford and highly competitive in Hong Kong. So, why wait to secure a place for your child next academic year? Apply now and secure your child's space at Stamford until graduation. [Read More]
22 May 2019

7-Day Fast-Track Admission

We launched a 7-Day Fast-Track Admission today. Get application results within 7 days of assessment! Apply now. [Read More]