11 April 2022

What is it Like to Transfer to Stamford from a Local School?

Hear from “Spirit of Stamford Scholarship” recipient Alfred, Grade 9 1. It's been half a year since you started your learning journey at Stamford. What are your best memories here with us? My time here has been magnificent. I remember on my first day when I walked into my classroom, I felt anxious about the ...

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28 October 2021

What is a MAP assessment, and Why Do Schools Use it?

Many schools are now using MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) to help inform instruction and measure student growth, but why use this tool, and how effective is it? [Read More]
28 September 2021

Changing Schools Mid-Year

Mid-year entry, especially for students changing from other curriculum types, can be a great option to secure a place and settle in; find out why. [Read More]
23 June 2021

Six Tips To Tackle Screen time in the Holiday

School’s over, and it’s time to be away from digital devices and do something else! Our Educational Technology Coordinator Mr. Evans shares six tips for your family to tackle screentime over the summer. [Read More]
7 May 2021

Staying in Hong Kong this Summer? Camp Asia to the Rescue!

Award-winning Camp Asia is coming to Hong Kong for the summer to ensure boredom is not an option. The Camp Asia program caters for children from four-16 years old and runs from 9 am until 12 pm each day. With 13 camp options, there is something for everyone! [Read More]
11 January 2021

IBDP or A-Levels?

What are the differences between the IBDP and A-Levels? Both offer admission to universities around the world; however, the programs have some very key differences. [Read More]
17 December 2020

Imagine, Design, Create - Stamford Students use STEMinn to leave their mark on new facilities

Stamford American School Hong Kong is on the cusp of an exciting expansion, with new additional facilities to be opened on campus in the year 2021. As in all areas of school life, the school community has been involved in this project from the beginning, with staff, parent and student involvement in designing areas su...

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24 November 2020

Stamford’s IBDP: Enabling Every Aspiration

Reports about the IBDP often revolve around averages and perfect scores, but what about those who won’t achieve 45? Should they forget their IB goals and pursue a different curriculum or path? Not according to Teresa Foard, the newly appointed Secondary Principal of Stamford American School Hong Kong who joined this ...

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14 October 2020

Social Media and Your Teen

Social media is part of every teen's life and, let's face it, part of ours too. As parents, our first instinct is to keep our children away from any danger, and social media presents many. What concerns us is that many of the threats are hidden, and platforms continue to change and evolve, making it hard to keep up. So...

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18 September 2020

Why Well-Being?

The topic of well-being has extended beyond popular culture and into schools, but why is well-being important for our children? Learn more about how a focus on well-being helps develop children into resilient adults and how Stamford Hong Kong and Cognita are embedding and celebrating well-being as part of school cult...

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27 August 2020

Exceeding Expectations Commencing the New Academic Year Virtually

Stamford American School opened its doors virtually to start its fourth year in Hong Kong and focused on community building and care to ensure the year started smoothly for both students and parents. The ICT team led the way in service by organizing a Hong Kong-wide device pick-up utilizing the school's bus service, co...

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27 August 2020

Making a move from Local to International School: One Family's Story

When considering education options for their children, many local families weigh up the benefits between a local school and an international curriculum school. This decision can be daunting, and one that warrants careful consideration with both its financial and cultural implications. Stamford American School Hong Kong...

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4 August 2020

Personalizing EAL Support in the Virtual Classroom

As the school year fast approaches parents face beginning another school year online, which for many parents brings a level of anxiety. Worries over children being able to achieve academic success while learning online affects parents of children that require English as an additional language or EAL support. Online lea...

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20 July 2020

Student Council Interview with Mr. Erickson

The 2019-2020 academic year has been a very educational and life-learning experience for us. The staff and Stamford community helped students get through that period of time and we are very thankful. One of those people who helped us a lot is Mr. Erickson. On May 6, Mr. Erickson was virtually interviewed by two sixt...

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20 July 2020

Student Council interview with Ms. Chambers

Every year, Ms. Chambers brings a lot of warmth and laughter to the Stamford community, and this year is no exception. During online learning, Ms. Chambers keeps checking in with the students and cares about every student’s wellbeing. Ms. Chambers has been our Elementary School Principal since 2018. Read and find out...

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