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29 August 2018

Moving to Hong Kong:Tips from Stamford's Admission Experts

Published by Carol Wong, Admissions Director, Stamford American School
Moving to Hong Kong is often exciting and scary for newcomers, here are a few tips from our admissions experts about looking for schools as well as some basics about where to live and how to get around. If you are new to Hong Kong or considering moving here, this is a must-read. [Read More]
20 July 2018

Tips to Help Your Child Build Confidence

Published by Lisa Olinski, BA Psychology, Master of Applied Linguistics
Confidence is an important skill and helping to build a child’s confidence can often pose a challenge for parents. It is critical to maintain a balance between supporting and not pushing too hard. A few small steps can make a big difference over time to help nudge your child along to becoming confident and able to...

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22 June 2018

5 Tips for Parents: How to Use Technology Wisely at Home

Published by Tim Evans, Head of Educational Technology, Stamford American School-Hong Kong
Learn some quick tips to help your child use technology responsibly at home. [Read More]
6 June 2018

Have Fun Learning Mandarin at Home

Published by Ivy Li, Mandarin Teacher
Some great tips to practice Mandarin at home and have some fun too. [Read More]