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We believe that being multilingual is a key element of global citizenship. It fosters cultural appreciation and enhances communication skills, not only amongst peers here at Stamford but through life across education, work and travel.

That is why two of the most widely spoken languages globally – Chinese and Spanish – are part of our daily core curriculum from age 5. Students progress through 4 proficiency levels in Chinese, ensuring that they are stretched and challenged appropriately, improving their ability to use and master the language.

We recognize that for some students, daily instruction is not sufficient for their objectives or level of commitment. Our Bilingual Program – commencing from 5 years old – aims to develop excellent communication skills in both English and Chinese. Equal daily exposure to both languages across the curriculum results in the greatest possible proficiency and confidence in both languages. Find out more about our Bilingual Program here >

Students are assessed in Chinese and Spanish using STAMP (Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency) in the relevant language. STAMP tests are written by native speakers and evaluate students' reading, writing and speaking abilities.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) & Accelerated Language Program (ALP)

Immersion in a language is essential to achieving true familiarization - the ability to not only read, write and speak in that language, but also to think in it. For non-native English speaking students who wish to achieve fluency in the English language, Stamford offers two programs catering for different levels of English language proficiency when they apply to join the school.

We offer the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program for students with sufficient English to thrive within the mainstream classroom. In the EAL program, students receive extra English language support in their homeroom environment by specialist English language teachers for certain subjects, such as mathematics and Units of Inquiry. EAL students also receive additional English language lessons each day.

For students who have only just been introduced to English and therefore have little to no proficiency in the language, we offer a more intensive focus through our Accelerated Language Program (ALP). The ALP is a dedicated stream in which students follow the same mainstream curriculum as their peers but within their own dedicated classroom with other ALP students. This enables students to benefit from smaller class sizes with the support of a homeroom teacher as well as expert English as an Additional Language support teachers. This structured program allows ALP students to learn confidently according to their ability and at their own speed, without sacrificing any time by having to take separate English language classes outside of school. In our first academic year starting in September 2017, the ALP is available to students in Pre-Primary (Kindergarten) and Grade 1 of any nationality, whose parents feel that a mastery of English would benefit them in their further studies, and beyond.



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