Are you still considering an international education for your child? What can a school deliver virtually until in-classroom learning can resume? If you are still thinking of switching your child to an international curriculum, but are worried about the quality of online learning and want to understand more, please join this informative webinar.

As a school delivering an innovative education, Stamford provides a broad and balanced curriculum delivered through an inquiry-based approach that is personalized, even when the school is not physically open. Last year during school closures, Stamford students still exceeded global growth targets

Learn more about what Stamford can deliver both online and offline to foster growth in your child and the benefits of Stamford's approach to whole-child development to prepare your child for the IBDP* and beyond.

Don't wait to unleash your child's potential.

Key topics covered in this session:

  • What does online learning look like for students? What does the timetable look like? Would it be live or downloadable content?
  • How will my child transition from a local school?
  • How can new students be successful in joining school virtually?
  • What support is provided for students requiring EAL or other support?
  • How do we know our children are learning the content?
  • What will the school day be like when students can attend in person?
  • How can teachers balance screen time?
  • What support do I need to give as a parent?

Ms. Karrie Dietz, our Head of School, will guide you through the key curriculum elements of the curriculum at Stamford and how this is delivered both online and in-person. She will share how students continue to achieve academic growth through personalized attention and support.

Two experienced faculty members, Ms. Melanie Cherry (elementary) and Mr. Ming Nichols (secondary) will share some examples of exciting learning concepts and project results during online learning so you can learn more about the exciting education that awaits your child at Stamford.

Date: Sep 16 (Wed), 2020

Time: 1 - 2 pm 

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Our Speakers

Karrie Dietz

Head of School

Karrie Dietz

Ms. Karrie Dietz, originally from the United States, serves Stamford American School Hong Kong with more than 25 years of teaching and school leadership experience in six countries. As a founding member, she has led its development since 2017. Since opening, Ms. Dietz has been instrumental in building a caring community and a strong partnership with parents.

Before joining Stamford in Hong Kong, Karrie served as a Principal at our sister campus, Stamford American International School in Singapore. In this role, she was instrumental in overseeing growth, implementing digital literacy programs and managing the development of language programs, including Stamford’s Mandarin/English Bilingual Program.

Melanie Cherry

Elementary School Teacher

Melanie Cherry

Melanie is a highly qualified teacher with over a decade of teaching experience in the classroom and as a professional development facilitator, both in the U.S. and internationally. Melanie has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with an emphasis in English Language Arts. She earned her M.S. at Columbia University in Neuroscience and Education and is passionate about learning and the brain. Melanie has experience creating curriculum, analyzing growth assessment data, incorporating technology, and creating meaningful-differentiated lessons. 

Dennis Ming Nichols

Secondary School Teacher

Dennis Ming Nichols

Originally from the U.S., Nichols brings to Stamford 10 years of international experience teaching Math, Science, ICT, History, and EAL in China, Guatemala, and Hong Kong. He has dedicated his career to middle school and believes the transition from adolescence to adulthood is a unique and fundamental moment for each student. He is also an experienced robotics coach and musician who looks forward to supporting these programs at Stamford.