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Seminar with The Spike Lab

The Spike Lab座談會


座談會會由 The Spike Lab 共同創辦人——Larry Liu以普通話主講。名牌大學現今都希望入學新生將來能改善社會,所以他們都著眼於已有在影響社區的學生。這也是為什麼9成The Spike Lab的學生都獲心儀大學取錄,這些大學包括哥倫比亞大學、杜克大學、賓夕凡尼亞大學、芝加哥大學、喬治城大學等等。Larry 將會講解「創新思維」在名牌大學的入學過程中的重要性。立即登記前來了解 The Spike Lab 如何為學生發掘他們的熱情所在、發展熱情成為他們的成就,讓他們成為大學收生處眼中的出眾人選。


7月12日 下午12時30分



What are the Top Universities Admissions really looking for? (Mandarin Session)

Learn about what it really takes to get into a top tier university in the United States and the most important things that international students should know when applying to those schools.

Larry Liu, Co-founder of The Spike Lab, will help you understand the role of innovation in university admissions through the perspective of admissions officers and see why grades alone are no longer enough. Come hear inspirational stories about how regular students discovered their passions, developed those passions into extraordinary achievements, and went on to awe the top universities.

Top colleges are looking for students who will change the world, and the best way to find that is in students who have already impacted their local communities. This is why 90% of The Spike Lab’s students have been accepted to their top choice universities. Universities that The Spike Lab’s students have been admitted to include Columbia, Duke, UPenn (Wharton), UChicago, Georgetown, and many more. More importantly, these students have developed the entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in high school, college, and today’s fast-paced world.

***This session will be held in Mandarin


Thursday, July 12th at 12:30pm


Admissions Office, Suites 4005-07, Level 40, Two Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

Guest Speaker

Larry Liu, Michigan MA '08 + BS '07

Co-Founder of The Spike Lab

Larry Liu, Michigan MA '08 + BS '07

Larry is an educator and co-founder of The Spike Lab. He was a classroom teacher for six years, having taught AP Psychology, AP English (Lang & Lit), IB Physics, Robotics, Game Design, and Special Ed English. He's designed and run education programs in the US, China, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic and served for four years as a youth pastor. After leaving the classroom, he founded an education consultancy and also coached early stage startups through 4.0 Schools, the CUNY Student Accelerator, and the New School’s New Challenge and has coached 50+ startup teams in sectors ranging from food & beverage to big data to electric car batteries. Larry believes that every student can achieve great things and approaches coaching as a journey to ask better and better questions. For fun, Larry loves reading, cooking, playing video games, and is always on the lookout for learning something new.