Prepare Students for A Successful Future

At Stamford, our vision is to provide an inspiring world of education, building self-belief, and empowering individuals to succeed. We bring this vision to life through a personalized learning approach that offers students multiple pathways to realize their ambitions. Stamford students possess life skills reflective of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile adaptive, thoughtful and principled young adults, who communicate their visions and are eager to create innovative solutions to solve real-world problems. As part of our culture of care, we cultivate compassion by embedding in our curriculum intercultural understanding and develop respect among students through service learning and initiatives that contribute to a better world.

Learn from the Best to Be the Best - Faculty with 10+ years Teaching Experience

Stamford teachers are globally-minded educators with over 10+ years of teaching experience across multiple countries and continents, which helps enrich Stamford’s collaborative community with diverse perspectives and a deep commitment to students and learning. Across all areas of our curriculum, we have experts in their field who are available both online and on-site, this includes our English as Additional Language specialists, Modern Language specialists, STEMinn specialists and more.

Stamford team of IB experts and university guidance counselor, joining the faculty August 2020 are eager to launch the IBDP program for the 2021/2022 academic year guiding our inaugural class to their first choice universities in the Stamford* tradition. 

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Building an Inspiring Future

With innovative, high-quality teaching and learning driving us, Stamford is completing a large-scale extension of its current campus. This exciting addition will ensure our students have access to state of the art high school facilities to support our broad range of specialist programs including those offered as part of the IBDP.* With a strong focus on well-being, the project includes multiple outdoor spaces to support both our elementary and high school students. 

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Stamford Cornerstones Collaboration

The Stamford Cornerstones collaboration offers students in Grade 9 and Grade 10 a unique opportunity to work with world-renowned organizations such as MIT and Oxfam to find their career aspirations and prepare for universities while earning high school course credit. Students choose one of four organizations per semester while being guided by their Stamford American School faculty advisor. 

Each collaboration will result in a culminating project that is showcased and included in their final grade. Cornerstones is an excellent opportunity for students to further explore their learning potential and provides a stand-out addition to their portfolios when applying to universities.

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UK Schools Partnership

Stamford American School Hong Kong, part of the Cognita Schools Group of 80 schools worldwide, provides our students with a smooth pathway to enrollment* to Cognita schools in Asia and select UK schools. We offer a seamless admissions process to our UK partner schools by working hand in hand with our international admissions team to support you each step of the way, from application to enrolment.

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Join Stamford American School Hong Kong online or on-campus school tour to see how we inspire the love of learning at every corner of our school. You will be able to ask our Head of School and Admissions Team any questions you have and see our school facilities as well. 

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Online Application

We offer admissions on a rolling basis, so students can start school any time during the academic year if space is available in their grade. Please note that classes are only offered from Pre-Primary to Grade 10 in the 2020-2021 academic year and add grade 11 through 12 in the following academic year(s).

Application and assessment fees are currently waived.

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