Want to show off your Mandarin speaking skills? Join Stamford's Spring Break Online Mandarin Speech Competition to win our Grand Prize. It's easy to enter!

We provide the verse; you bring it to life with your amazing Mandarin skills!  Video entries must be submitted by April 24th.

This contest is open for children ages 5-16, all levels of Mandarin welcome. Entrants will receive the Mandarin verse for their age group on April 9th at 9 am. Contestants have until the contest deadline to practice before they submit their final video clip.

We are looking for not just great Mandarin skills, but speakers to bring the verse to life with both words and actions.

Age Categories

  • Pre-Primary - Grade 2 (Ages 5-7)
  • Grade 3 - Grade 5 (Ages 8-10)
  • Grade 6-Grade 9 (Ages 11-16)

Winners are selected by a panel of faculty judges at Stamford American School. Late entries won't be accepted for any reason.

Winners will be announced May 4th on Stamford Hong Kong's Facebook Page and the winner's video and details of their submission will be published.

Grand Prize

There will be one grand prize winner per category of a Bookazine gift card worth 500 HKD.

Second and Third Place Prizes

Second and third place winners will receive a certificate.


  1. Open to all children currently enrolled in a Hong Kong School. 
  2. All entries are individual (no team entries allowed).
  3. You must have your parent's permission to enter.
  4. Entries must be received by midnight April 24th. 
  5. You can only submit one entry.
  6. Participants must submit a video reciting the provided text filmed in one clear take, but participants may practice their video several times.
  7. Videos that have edited together will not be accepted. 
  8. Participants must provide a short introduction of themselves which includes: first name, grade, and title of the verse. 
  9. Your entry must be the verse for your age, no substitutions.
  10. The verse must be recited in Mandarin. 
  11. Constestants must be dressed appropriately (no short skirts, cut-off shorts, etc.)

Judging Criteria

  • Clarity and volume
  • Clear self-introduction which includes first name, grade, and title of the verse
  • Pronunciation and tones
  • The dramatization of the verse
  • Rhythm and pace
  • Eye contact (speaking into the camera)
  • Overall presentation

Results Announcement

Pre-Primary - Grade 2 (Ages 5-7)

  • 1st - Toby Zhu 
  • 2nd - Lucas He
  • 3rd - Arthur Shen

Grade 3 - Grade 5 (Ages 8-10)

  • 1st - Lily He
  • 2nd - Queena Lun
  • 3rd - Raymond Lu

Grade 6 - Grade 9 (Ages 11-16)

  • 1st - Alfred Lam


  • 1st - Tyler Roche
  • 2nd - Artham Kamath
  • 3rd - Nicole Parvis

Outstanding Performance 

Pre-Primary - Grade 2 (in no particular order)

  • Angela Cui 
  • Eric Qu 
  • Grace Ieong
  • Hardy He
  • Jack Huang
  • Thomas Huang
  • Timothy Lin
  • Vanessa Chan

Grade 3 - Grade 5 (in no particular order)

  • Benjamin Zhuge
  • Chloe Huang
  • Dorothy Fu
  • Dylan Chen

Non-native (in no particular order)

  • Benjamin Parvis
  • Riddhiman Maheshwari
  • Rithvik Anand


Contact us at communications@sais.edu.hk