Attention all parents of middle school and high school children, and parents looking for more information about what lies ahead for your child! Stamford has a variety of events this November to help parents better understand the options available for your children, as well as a very cool FREE innovation workshop that will allow your children to develop skills needed to gain entry into the top colleges and universities worldwide.

  • November 8th | Thursday | STEM Panel Discussion: New Technologies: Impacts on Education, Jobs and the Future of Work | 6:00 pm (Central)
  • November 14th | Wednesday | Learn about our Middle and High School Programs | 12:45 pm (Campus) and 6:00 pm (Central)
  • November 21| Thursday | STEM Workshop for Parents | 12:45 pm and 6:00 pm (Central)
  • November 29th | Thursday | Learn about the IBDP | 12:45 pm (Campus) and 6:00 pm (Central)

Nov 8: STEM Panel Discussion: New Technologies: Impacts on Education, Jobs and the Future of Work

Technology and innovation are essential components to the STEM education provided at Stamford. As educators, we are not only concerned with technology affecting our lives in the present but also emerging technologies, trends and their impact on education, the rapidly changing job market and the future of society. 

Join us for an evening of engaging discussion with three prominent panelists on the forefront of innovation in Hong Kong. We are delighted to host James Quinn, Head of Markets at Kenetic, Cesar Jung-Harada, Founder of Makerbay, and Yosha Gupta, Founder, Meraki, and Financial Inclusion Consultant at IFC, World Bank Group to help share their insights as industry leaders, educators, and future-focused innovators.  Linda Cheung, STEMinn Coordinator at Stamford, will moderate the discussion.

All are welcome(not just for parents and educators!), and we look forward to an engaging evening of engaging conversation about the impacts of technology on our lives followed by a Q&A session.

Nov 14th: Learn about our Middle and High School Programs

An in-depth focus on Stamford's middle school and high school programs

Join this in-depth curriculum information session to learn more about Stamford's middle and high school programs which offer three graduating pathways to give your child a world of choice.  Our programs blend rigorous academics with an inquiry-based approach plus a strong innovation program to help prepare your child for tomorrow's world.  Stamford's approach is proven to lead to success,  82% of students that graduated from our Singapore campus gained entry to their top two universities of choice in 2018. This session will cover our curriculum in depth and also provide parents with opportunities for Q&A. The session will be led by our Upper School Principal Neil Walton and Academic Coordinator Michael Galligan. Parents with children of all ages are welcome.

Due to the popularity of this topic, we are offering two sessions:

WHEN: November 14th | Wednesday | Learn about the IBDP|(Campus) 12:45pm with school tour or 1:15pm no tour, or (CENTRAL) 6:00 pm

Nov 21: STEM Workshop for Parents

Want to learn about the latest in technology that supports STEM education and experience an hour in our Innovation Center? Come, visit Stamford and learn what all the buzz about coding is and see the latest education Apps and learning tools.

This interactive session will allow you to learn about the latest in innovative education and also try it out for yourself! Our experts will guide you through the basics of the latest Apps, coding and 3-D printing technology as well as the learning outcomes for these educational tools.

Join us for an overview of what is going on in today's classrooms including information about our future-focused innovation program (STEMinn).

Why not go back to school for a day with Stamford and maybe even impress your children with your new found skills-spaces limited, register today!

Nov. 29th: Learn about the IBDP

An extensive look at the IB Diploma Programme

This session of Stamford Talks will be focusing on the IBDP program (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program). The IBDP program officially begins for students in Grade 11, however, there is a lot of preparation prior to Grade 11 to ensure both acceptance into and success in this academically rigorous program. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the mission and values of the IB and how these are expressed at Stamford, as well as an overview of how the middle school and high school curriculum prepares your child for the IBDP program.

When deciding if the IBDP is right for your child, there are many considerations to take into account beyond academic, and understanding the program as well as the entry requirements is an important first step.

This Stamford information session will help parents understand the core elements of the IBDP and what is expected of students before and after acceptance into the program, as well as paths post-graduation.

The session will cover:

  • A broad overview of the IBDP
  • Academic and non-academic requirements for entry
  • Required courses and electives
  • Skills needed for students to be successful in the program
  • IB Learner Profile Attributes
  • Tips for parents to help prepare their child for the IBDP program
  • Learning that supports IB entry
  • What can parents expect after graduation

This session is open to all parents who want to learn more about the IB Diploma Program and how they can help prepare their child(ren) for this program.

Due to the popularity of this topic, we are offering two sessions:

WHEN: November 29th | Thursday | Learn about the IBDP | 12:45 PM (Campus) and 6:00 PM (Central)