It has been a challenging school year for both families and schools alike. The concept of traditional in-class learning transformed into a completely virtual space. As an innovative school, Stamford has worked hard to ensure online teaching and learning are engaging and effective. Last year during online education, our students still exceeded their MAP* growth targets. Under the guidance of our faculty with 10+ years of experience and further streamlining of our platforms, we expect even better results this academic year, no matter when we return physically to school.

  • Simple click-able timetable for all subject areas                                                                  
  • Live classes every day and snack chat for student interaction
  • Downloadable content to allow review and extension
  • Leveled daily foreign language classes
  • Students can reach out to teachers anytime during class time if they have questions
  • Personalized EAL support during live classes and in small groups
  • Three full-time counselors to ensure student's well-being
  • Over 35 specialists supporting our broad and balanced curriculum

Experience Stamford's Online Learning

A Day Of Online Learning:

Secondary Student

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A Day Of Online Learning:

Elementary Student

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Our Students' Experience

  • Ary from Grade 2
    "Now that we have been doing online learning for a while, I really like it. It's fun"
  • Krishay from Grade 7
    "The most memorable activity I have done during online learning was in STEMinn."
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The Evolution of Online Classroom
"Innovation is part of the school's culture, and education technology has always played a major role in our teaching and learning. We saw this challenge as an opportunity to engage students in meaningful ways online and are proud to see our community embracing this new mode of learning in such a short time," Head of School Karrie Dietz commented. Parent feedback and a passionate faculty helped transform a variety of content into a more structured program. It meant streamlining various platforms and apps for easier use and offering additional live classes and daily teacher check-ins to spike engagement. Downloadable content gave students flexibility in any time zone and parents the opportunity to involve themselves more with the curriculum. "The PE home videos are a hit! We do the yoga poses at home as a family!" said Fong E, mother of two Stamford children, Grade 8 and 2, "I feel like I've gone back to school again these past two weeks, learning something that I was taught before but differently! Now I can probably relate to the kids better when they tell me about things they do in school and the apps they use... I am learning too!"

This shift has not been without challenges, but innovations shone through with students creating their websites showcasing their online learning space, an interactive read-aloud to celebrate World Book Day, and various science experiments using household materials. The flexibility of online learning means that teachers can now further personalize their teaching by scheduling small group online tutorials, which is the case with the Grade 3 reading classes.

Elementary School Principal Rose Chambers, who joins online classes daily, commented, "It has been impressive to see the high level of engagement, and inspiring work from our students. We always encourage students to have a growth mindset, and it is lovely to see this attitude in our staff and our families too. To support this, we are consistently checking in with students and parents to ensure that we deliver high-quality education. Our teachers have shown dedication, ingenuity, and flexibility throughout this time, always with their students' wellbeing."

Brilliant Basics
It takes more than technology to bring the classroom online; careful planning and communication are integral. "After the previous school closure in November, we reflected on our online learning processes to find opportunities to improve the experience across all subjects in our curriculum. We shared a plan with families and students, and their feedback helped us create virtual learning that we are very proud of," Karrie added. In addition to sharing learning plans, the school opened its doors before and after the school holiday to offer full IT support, including device pick-up. That way, online learning would be accessible for students.

The efforts have not gone unnoticed, "I applaud Stamford for stepping up so quickly to the challenge to provide kids with a quality online learning experience. Well done, everyone!" shared Christina, mother of Nick Grade 5, who has been with Stamford since its opening.

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