Spirit of Stamford

Internal Scholarship Program

Stamford American School Hong Kong is committed to celebrating students who live and breathe our core values of Integrity, Courage, Innovation and Compassion. As part of the next phase in our development plan, the opening of our additional facilities as well as our new visual identity which embodies our innovative approach to nurturing the whole child, we are excited to launch the Spirit of Stamford Scholarship Program.

The Spirit of Stamford Scholarship Program reflects our commitment to recognizing accomplishments and celebrating our community. It is open to all students enrolled in Grades 9, 10 and 11 at Stamford American School, and the scholarship awarded will be used to offset the student’s tuition fees in the next academic year.

Applications open now and close on February 11, 2022.

Scholarship Criteria

To apply for the scholarship, students must meet at least two of the three criteria below:

  1. Academic achievement demonstrated by a minimum GPA of 5.00 or above
  2. Community contribution demonstrated by: 
  • leadership in student council
  • participation in special projects or other initiatives
  • a recipient of the Lion Legends merits or Stamford Values Awards
  1. Specialist contribution demonstrated by: 
  • musical proficiency
  • STEMinn excellence 
  • commitment to athletics, visual or performing arts

How to Apply?

All candidates must submit a scholarship application along with a personal statement outlining their achievements related to the criteria, contribution to Stamford values and unique talents. They should also indicate their motivation and anticipated future contribution to school life. In support of their application, students must also obtain a letter of recommendation from one of their current teachers at Stamford.

For any questions regarding the criteria, contact communications@sais.edu.hk. 

Short-listed candidates will be invited to a scholarship selection interview.

Scholarship decisions will consider the whole child but selections will be based upon the overall quality of the candidate’s application, including their personal, academic and contribution to the school community, interview performance, evidence of talent and their contribution to the Stamford community. Scholarships are awarded subject to the discretion of the school’s scholarship panel who will determine the number and level of all awards.

Award Amount

The minimum scholarship awarded is 25% of the annual tuition fees. This will be applied to the following academic year and can be applied for on a yearly basis.